Injured Grey alien found and filmed

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This video has been circulating recently. What it shows is rather unbelievable. There appears to be an alien struggling from an injury. Considered Grey aliens, these otherworldly visitors have made numerous appearances around the world. The video is believed to be sent in anonymously from a governmental source. The extraterrestrial appears to be breathing and moving. Also, a dark spot is seen on its chest. Was this an injury or a type of heart beating?

Where and why this strange extraterrestrial creature was either captured or found this way is rather compelling. It makes you wonder whether or not they actually helped the alien being or not. Scientifically something such as this would be probed in a remote lab somewhere. The Grey aliens are also known as Alien Grey’s and Roswell Grey’s. Other known variations include Zeta Reticulans.

What makes them stand out is the typical shape and size which has been documented over time. These extraterrestrial beings have been promoted by paranormal communities and followers of UFO’s. Their skin color are all very similar. It is estimated that more than 43% of all alien encounters documented within the United States alone have been Grey alien encounters.


With these claims, other types have included different shapes and sizes of something supernatural by nature. Another thing that differentiates the Grey’s are their head shape, small limbs and small bodies. The head is almost oval shaped and large compared to the rest of its body. They appear to be sexless beings with smooth Grey-colored skin.

They have no hair on their body and their large dark black eyes are very distinctive from numerous descriptions. Quite typically they don’t appear to have any functional organs such as ears and noses. Their scrawny bodies don’t seem to have any real muscular mass to them either. Both the legs and arms are quite different compared to humans. Their hands often have been recorded as only having 4 finger-like protrusions. However their thighs and the same length as their forearms and shins respectively.

In the video, it is really difficult to tell where this actually happened as it seems to have a polarizing effect. Trying to pinpoint the exact location would be nearly impossible without more data. Notably the Grey aliens statistically make up approximately 50% in Australia, 43% in the USA, 90% in Canada, 12% in the UK, 67% in Brazil and 20% in Europe. Other parts of the world have reported many encounters as well. One can only wonder as to what their purpose is and why we consistently keep encountering these aliens. Perhaps they are scouting our world to inhabit it. Another theory includes that these aliens are actually us from the future. This can be found HERE.

(Source: Disclose TV)

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