UFO recorded by thermal drone in Romania

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Amazing footage has been presented to Secure Team 10 on YouTube. Seen in the video, is something unlike anything else yet. What appears is now being called “thing” over Romania. A man known as “Mike” from Bucharest, apparently works on drones for a living and has spoken with a number of people online regarding his video recording. Mike has a company called FAE Drones, they create different sized drones with various rigging’s.

Mike constructed a drone with a custom thermal camera, which was later mounted to it. This was a tailor made configuration, requested by one of his customers.

Mike was messing around with this constructed drone, testing it out to see if it was working correctly. To his surprise, he was able to capture on video (a UFO) that is quite different, with its movements and motions in the sky.

Thermal drone UFO recording in sky

He described this “thing” as being unnatural and unearthly. On the video, it is described that the camera is facing Zenith. The clouds are both bright and warm and the space is described as being both cold and dark as well.

In the sky, the clouds are estimated to be moving at around 38 mph. This shape only appears when clouds heat themselves. Mike went on to say, he took the camera and initially didn’t notice any noise or planes around in the area. The object seen in the sky (in the video) only appears while passing through the clouds in the sky.

Thermal drone UFO recording Romania compared

Mike then goes on to say, that this isn’t the typical size of a Boeing 747 airplane or an Airbus A380. These are some of the largest aircraft known to exist. Planes like the A380, have wings that are 114 feet long. Whatever this “thing” was, it didn’t match up with any of these sized planes. Estimated to be about 3.1 miles high in the sky, this object i radically moves quite fast.

Quite typically, many UFO sightings only show up on video and photographs as a mere speckle or dot in the air. This “thing” is massive by comparison. Zoomed in, it appears to be some kind of spacecraft jetting through the clouds at an incredible rate of speed. It also looks to be V-shaped in appearance, leaving behind a different heat signature.

The UFO can only be seen, as it passes through the clouds in plain view. Then then seems to vaporize some of the clouds around it, from force and some kind of heat. Normally, one can only assume these UFOS remain hidden normally.

SR35 FLIR @9 Hz

This may have been a fluke of sorts, as this UFO “thing” appears. Mike mentioned that he didn’t hear it flying and normally this wouldn’t be seen by normal means. The drone camera used, is a SR35 FLIR @9 Hz. It has an LCD display, DVR on SDHC card and Li-Po battery. This vector shaped UFO has people talking as questions about it remain unanswered.

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