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Using a Devil’s Toy Box to catch ghosts

The premise of this is a simple one. Using a speciality box made with mirrors on the inside and out, a ghost is trapped inside…unable to get out. Supposedly, spirits are unable to leave, after being lured inside, they need to be freed. Once the ghostly spirit is unable to escape, they have met their twist of fate. The only way they can be free, is by the same hands that trapped them there it seems.

Once these ghosts have been released, they will dissipate. Ghosts are drawn to mirrors, from their afterlife fears. Once inside, there is nowhere else for them to hide. It seems these ghosts have now met their untimely fate.

Using a Devil's Toy Box to catch ghosts

Questions remain what one does after trapping spirits such as these. The ghosts are caught inside a series of fun house of mirrors, much like a carnival or circus. So, what exactly does someone do with a ghost once they’ve trapped it? This question is a mysterious one, perhaps there are a few people out there who actually know.

What is known however, are other methods used to capture a ghost. Some of these include using a candle and jar, a box burial, electromagnetic containment of some kind, a spirit trap or a spirit bottle, otherwise known as a witch bottle. No doubt other methods exist as well, that are lesser known.

A Devils Toy Box

Throughout history, mirrors have been used and linked to paranormal activities. In Roman times, it was believed that if you broke a mirror, then you would have seven years of bad luck. Some people still believe this to date. In Jewish culture, mirrors are covered after someone dies, to prevent them from being trapped inside.

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Mirrors are also used, for contacting the dead through a method known as scrying. In pop culture, paranormal movies promote mirrors as a tool used for evil purposes as well. Rarely, mirrors are used by white witches to seek out or to find someone.

Believed also to be a portal to the underworld or to heaven itself, people try to contact the other side by using mirrors. Much like a doorway, mirrors can be used to bring something or someone through as well.

Each day, nearly everyone looks at their reflection using a mirror, water or reflective surface of some sort. They have become an important part of our lives and perhaps beyond. People have tried making a Devil’s Toy Box, it is unclear how successful they were, but no doubt people will keep trying. There is much that we still don’t understand, use caution when trying something such as this. They are equally dangerous much like a Ouija board is.

(Source: The Ghost Diaries)

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