Watch these folks spin their heads around 180° degrees

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Indian man turns head 180 degrees

At first glance, someone would easily do a double take, while looking at these people. One can’t help but think this isn’t real, however it is real. There are no tricks here. They are simply known as head spinners, these folks have a rather unique ability. They can turn their heads 180° degrees. Imagine being able to see behind you and what is really going on—even if it was only for a few moments.

Many onlookers gawk awkwardly while watching them. This ability is quite uncommon, but there are a few who have gained attention recently, including a young boy and man from India, who can spin their heads around like this.

Indian boy turns head 180 degrees

It is rather uncommon, to see someone contort themselves in such a way—by dislocating their bones in various different places. If someone were to do this for long periods of time, they would pass out from the lack of blood and oxygen to the brain.

The most popular method to this madness, is when someone turns their head like this to gain attention. There seems to be different reactions from this, either some people enjoy seeing this or equally so, they are grossed out by it. This kind of stunt, can even become a realistic nightmare for some.

Previously in the past, what were known as Geek shows were acts of traveling carnivals and circus shows around the early years of America and abroad. Often, these were a part of a much larger sideshow. Perhaps these head spinners performed at different selected locations over time. As with anyone different, quite often they would join these types of shows—to earn a living and feel like they belong somewhere.

Alexander turns head 180 degrees

Normally, the muscle in the neck prevents someone to turn there head in such a way like this. But with some folks like Alexander (seen in this clip) he is able to move his head like this as well. Doctors have been baffled about this for years and more research has continued about these extremely rare individuals.

The old saying is, everyone has a talent in this world, lets hope this doesn’t go to their heads…

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