Black-Eyed Kids, What Exactly Are They?

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Black-eyed kids are often described as gaunt, pale, and with jet black eyeballs. They may be seen alone or in groups, sometimes playing with other kids before disappearing. Witnesses have reported a foul odor accompanying these mysterious ghost youths. What makes them rather fascinating within the paranormal genre, is that they seem to want something from those who see them. 

They may ask for a drink of water, a ride home, or entrance into a home, but most never make it beyond their request due to the sudden fear they evoke. Some believe that seeking permission from another is the hallmark of demonic activity, and that these black-eyed kids may be demons masquerading as children or actual kids possessed by demons. Other theories include the possibility of alien visitors appearing in human form.

black-eyed kids

Do you think that black-eyed kids are just children with dark eyes, or do they have something more to them? Until we find out for sure, we’ll just have to go with the assumption that they’re just kids. Ghosts have been around for a long time and are something that many people believe in. However, with Black-eyed kids, they are still much more of a mystery as different sightings tend to happen without any kind of definitive answer yet.

As we learn more about black-eyed children, some believe they are either demons in disguise or actual children possessed by demons. Skeptics say the phenomena could be caused by anything from natural disasters to extraterrestrial activity. One idea that was batted around on the radio show by Andrew Calder and John Zaffis, was the possibility that some of these kids have alien visitors appearing to them in human form – an occurrence that’s been noted within abduction cases. How do we know what’s really causing these children’s strange behavior?


Is it possible that, perhaps, their inner condition – let’s call it a corrupted mental state – might manifest an external, just as frightening, altered appearance?

Could the way we look after we die be based upon our frame of mind if we remain behind as ghosts? We know this: Until someone brave enough to confront a black-eyed kid in order to determine what is taking place, these spooky youngsters shall likely remain a mystery to us all. For sure, they have become a part of contemporary legend and have continued to captivate many people.

Tracing back to some sources, it is believed that the legend of black-eyed children or kids originated back during the 1980’s. Some think these strange encounters started to really happen back in 1996. There were stories by Brian Bethel who first explained such a strange meeting from a ‘ghost-related mailing list’ which later would be referred to as creepypasta. It is unclear where exactly they first originated from but if they are real, they are quite dangerous due to their unknown abilities. Perhaps they might be some kind of extraterrestrial of some kind. This is mere speculation though at this point.

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