Indonesian dirt bike tour captures unknown mutant creature on camera

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Indonesian dirt bike encounter with unknown mutant creature

In Indonesia, a few dirt bike riders followed a road trail near the wilderness. The location isn’t but so far from Jakarta. This unknown figure, was recorded while a dirt bike tour was taking place through a jungle known as Aceh. (This happened recently, within the last few days)

This region has some history to it, one speculation is—this creature and/or person is a descendant of the legendary Mante tribe. These people were believed to have been—an ethnic group who inhabited this area of Indonesia throughout history. These lost people, are considerably smaller than the average sized person.

The report mentions, a group of friends decided to go trail riding that day. They spotted whatever this thing was ahead of them and it certainly freaked them out. The lead rider, spotted it at first and intentionally stopped his bike, by sliding to the ground. All of them, couldn’t believe what they had just seen. So, they decided to chase after whatever this thing was.

Indonesian dirt bike encounter mutant creature

The chase soon ended about five seconds later, as this creature was able to outrun the dirt bikes. As an example, the Kawasaki KLX 110cc dirt bike has a top speed of just over 50 miles per hour. One can only imagine what this mutant creature was, to be able to keep up with such a fast speed on foot. All but one of these young men from the Banda Aceh-based motor trail group, went chasing after this mysterious mutant being. Factoring in the terrain, this unusual video is quite fascinating to examine.

Since the video has been posted online, people are taking note of it. Some people believe that this is a supernatural being of some sort, while others are very quick to dismiss it as CGI fake. So far, there has been no anthropological investigation attempting to contact the tribe.

Likewise, not until now (if this is a descendant of the Mante tribe) has one of them, made any kind of contact with modern day society in this part of the world. Some think that the tribe itself, is nothing but an urban legend anyways.

Indonesian dirt bike encounter unknown mutant creature

One question does remain, whether or not this is human or not. It looks like some depictions of a goblin type creature. Seen in the video, it appears to be wielding some sort of spear—while it is seen fleeing in the video from the path. The dirt bikers, eventually lost track of this strange creature, as it made its way back into the deep thick of the jungle. The Mante, are considered a myth, they are a kind of ancient human. Maybe they do actually exist.

(Source: Daily Star and Disclose TV)

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