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Weather Station Camera, Captures Unknown Creature In The Woods

The video is rather obscure and was found in a compilation video made on YouTube. There isn’t much information about this unknown creature seen. The quality is quite poor, but there is enough of an image seen to make out some details. Allegedly, this video was recorded by a surveillance camera positioned by a weather station, somewhere in the woods in the Arctic.

Weather Station Camera mystery arctic creature

The creature seen, appears to be a cross between a harpy and a satyr. It looks humanoid but doesn’t necessarily move like a human would. The location of where this took place remains to be a mystery. It was taken sometime during winter, as snow is seen blanketing the forest. Whatever this creature is, it appears to be startled as well.

While this creature looks spooked by the weather station camera, the bottom half of this creature appears to be covered with fur of some kind. The upper half, seems exposed and open to the elements.

This creature also seems to have long dark hair, that reaches just past its shoulders. Both of its hands seem to have claw-like talons, with four finger-like appendages. This creature appears to have a tail as well. The narrator mentions this creature has hooves, but you cannot really see this things feet in the video playback. This creature’s arms appear to be distorted as well. The might be because the quality is so poor, but not much detail can be seen with this creatures face.

Much of this is speculation but the area seen, could be wilderness somewhere in North America. Those experts who have looked at this video believe it to be the real deal. There are no real signs of tampering with the video. Most certainly, the creature seen could be someone dressed up in some kind of costume. But this is just more speculation about it.

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Many wonder what gender this thing might be. To date, it remains another cryptozoological mystery unsolved. Perhaps someone out there knows more about this interesting video. The narrator mentions that paranormal researchers have attempted to find this creature and have so far come up empty handed. The video segment can be seen at 7:35, created by ‘The Finest’ YouTube channel back on Sep 13, 2017.

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