Spectral Being Spotted Standing Inside Hovering Sky Pod

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A woman sent in a rather interesting photograph to MrMBB333 on YouTube. Seen appears to be a pod of some sort hovering in the sky. Underneath looks like a mountain range of some sort. The exact location isn’t known. The photograph is now about a year old. The woman’s last name isn’t known but her first name is Charity.

Charity captured this photo from the International Space Station feed. At first, she didn’t really notice what appears to be an alien entity – standing in what resembles a doorway of some kind. Perhaps this alien entity was on some sort of scouting mission. It really is weird and is unlike anything ever seen before.

MrMBB333 Spectral Being Alien Pod Capture 2017

People have speculated different things including this being one of the infamous Anunnaki. These were an alleged group of deities that were documented by the Sumerians, Akkadians, Assyrians, and Babylonians in mythology. It is a wild thought but would help explain how we have attained so much technology, in more recent times. Perhaps even, some sort of communication channel has been established with these alien entities.

Others think this is something more demonic by nature. Most if not all alleged aliens, are in fact demons sent to deceive mankind. However, this is just one theory. One person commented saying this is nothing but an oil painting of some kind.

Alien standing in pod China

Nobody knows just what this really is but the possibilities it seems are endless. Another person mentioned that if you look carefully, you will notice that this is a doorway with a spectral being casting a shadow. This doorway is an entrance to Inner Earth. This would explain why it is in such a remote spot, making it more difficult find and get to.

Many do seem to agree that this pod-like structure seems to be hovering high in the sky. If the structure was built from the ground up, it would be easier to find and seen from a great distance. This would rule out it being attached or connected to the ground below. It seems to be hovering or floating in the sky. How high this reaches is questionable.

Someone else said there appears to be a trail leading behind the structure. Due to the quality, it makes it difficult to see every detail. However, MrMBB333 uses different renderings to see shadows and colors around the object in question.

Whether or not this is part of a potassium chloride processing plant is doubtful, yet one person said so. The location is in China and the facility is named Luobubozhen. The coordinates are located at: 40.439016, 90.804333 or 40°26’20.5″N 90°48’15.6″E

Luobubozhen facility China

Potassium is extremely explosive, the facility seems to be surrounded by around 60 square miles of potassium chloride in pools of liquid. Perhaps even, several nuclear reactors are nearby this location making it that more dangerous. This photographic anomaly, has people scratching their heads it seems. Maybe more information about it will be released soon. Until then, we can all continue to speculate what it might well be.

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