Scrapyard Ghost Manifests On Surveillance Video

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Since this video was released, it has perplexed many people. Seen on a surveillance video, appears to be a ghost floating around a scrapyard lot in Oklahoma. When things such as these are captured it is easy to dismiss them. However, this video stands out among others and most believe it to be real.


When this vehicle was brought to the scrapyard, it seems the person’s spirit lingered behind. We often speculate about the afterlife and what comes next. Maybe this is real evidence of a ghostly apparition captured on video.

From what is understood, this video dates back to 2002 at Puckett’s Wrecker Service located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Back during June 30, 2002, one local resident from Oklahoma City named Tracy Martin, sustained fatal injuries (after she fell asleep at the wheel of her truck) which she crashed later. Tracy was only 33 years old and left behind twins. 

Tracy Martin ghost Pucketts

This video recording happened at around 2:00 AM. There were only several people working there on duty at the auto shop. One of these employees named “Cathy”, first spotted the ghost and the other worker apparently went to check on the lot outside, after seeing something moving around on the monitor. 

At first, they didn’t understand what they were seeing until looking later at the video recording. The video captured a moving spectre of sorts, erratically moving around on the screen. Quickly, the employees started to think they were visited by a spirit from beyond the grave. 

They later reported the incident to their boss Chris Puckett, who runs this family operated business. Many of the vehicles they bring to the wrecking and towing business, are completely totaled. The insurance company for the woman who died, moved the wreckage of her truck just hours before the image was captured on video.

News of this quickly spread, as the story made its way to the local newspapers. The local community there attempted to make sense of what happened but were unable to. This moment was certainly eerie and unexplainable other than her ghost appearing. Perhaps she was looking at her truck in disbelief from the other side. 

Tracy’s family later viewed the images seen on the video and were convinced it was Tracy. She was wearing her favorite overalls, the same ones she wore in a recent family portrait photo. All of them felt like Tracy was trying to send them a message from beyond the grave. Over time different paranormal researchers have examined the surveillance video, most of them agree it is authentic.

(Source: Seeks Ghosts)

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