Mysterious meteorite strikes down near Thunder Bay, Ontario

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Lasted evening, a meteor or perhaps something else, hit the most populated area of Thunder Bay, Ontario. This located has a population of around 111,000 people. It is the second most populated area in the Northern part of Ontario, just after Greater Sudbury.

Residents here heard a loud explosion that shook homes in the rural areas of Thunder Bay Wednesday evening. The assumption is, this was some sort of meteorite that landed here according to local officials.

Jeff Walters CBC Meteorite

A undisclosed number of officers, went to Highway 61 and Mount Forest Boulevard. This happened at around 11 PM. One woman named Linda Pohole who lives really closeby in the subdivision of Mount Forest said that she heard a loud explosion noise.

Linda then said:

“I called it in thinking that something happened in Mount Forest, and maybe a house exploded,” she said. “It was that loud, and my son said he felt the house vibrate.”

After the police arrived at the scene, they then searched finding what appeared to be a round shaped hole in the snow. This was spotted alongside Highway 61 not far from Mount Forest Boulevard. There were no footprints nor vehicle tire tracks left behind. Now, that it is daytime people are scouring around trying to find anything else unusual which may have arrived here.

Image: Stephen Kissin by (Jeff Walters/CBC)

Image: Stephen Kissin by (Jeff Walters/CBC)

Some people believe that this meteor was in fact something else entirely. Thursday, the police contacted a retired geology professor named Stephen Kissin. They arrived on the scene and examined the strange pile of “rock-like-substance”.

Stephen Kissin continued to say that the did examine the impact site but there was no meteorite to be found. However, he did say that the hole made appeared to be caused by a meteorite crashing down into the Earth.

Stephen thought that the police officers first on the scene had removed the mysterious space object, but it was now nowhere to be found. Police did allocate small samples of dirt and rock over to Stephen Kissin for further examination from the impact site. Stephen went on to say, that due to the size of the region, its harsh terrain and sparse population makes it rare for anyone to actually see a meteorite landing.

CBC Meteorite crash site report

“This would be the first recorded meteorite fall in northern Ontario, because this is a terrible place to look for meteorites. In this business, we talk about finds, where something’s been sitting out there for a long time, or falls, which are a lot more interesting because, of course, they’re fresher. And also if you’re looking at the whole picture…they give you an idea of the actual flux of what different kinds of meteorites are coming in.”

Stephen also noted that there could be other fragments in the area perhaps even larger. At this point, nobody knows for sure what exactly happened. One speculation is, that the meteorite may have been part of the Geminid meteor shower, which peaked on Wednesday night. Others believe, something else is being covered up about all of this.

(Source: CBC news)

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