Giant ghoulish fiend floats over top African city

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Giant ghoulish humanoid in Africa sky

Not long ago in Africa, a bizarre sighting occurred. Seen in the sky, appears to be an elongated humanoid glancing down upon a shopping area in Zambia. Some of the locals fled the scene while others lingered around out of curiosity.

Southern Africa is a landlocked country. Most of it consists of rough terrain and some dangerous wildlife which lives nearby. There are parks and even safari areas here as well. Zimbabwe is not far away and near the border of Zambia. The famous Victoria Falls are also located here as well.

The photo shows a gigantic humanoid head and torso. The photograph was taken above the Mukuba Mall in the city Kitwe. The location is in the northern central part of Zambia. Those familiar with the Harry Potter franchise of films, may note this thing resembles that of a dementor.

Harry Potter dementors

Whatever this thing is, it appeared as a gaseous cloud from the distance. However, looking at it further, the giant humanoid ghoulish fiend—appears to be made from dark solid material, other than something more transparent. The estimated size of this mysterious figure is around 328 feet tall. (comparing it to the buildings and vehicles seen in the photograph)

This strange occurrence, lasted a mere 30 minutes long. What it was doing there people can only ponder. It seemed to be observing this location for a specific reason. Maybe it was trying to warn people of something on its way there.

Giant ghostly ghoul hovers over African city

With spirits such as these, one must approach them cautiously. These ghost-like entities have some explanation, as they are believed to be a part of another realm altogether. These ghostly type spirits, are connected with our own existence, perhaps when they were alive as humans once before. Now these lost souls are somewhere between both the land of the living and the dead. Each country has their own superstitions about things such as this.

Strange creatures frequently roam our world. Some of these beings, are able to cloak themselves under certain conditions. Many tales of spirits continue to haunt the minds of the weary each day, until they ultimately find eternal rest for themselves. Maybe this spirit was simply restless and wanted to take a glimpse of the area one last time.

Giant humanoid alien gazes down upon shopping centre

While the giant apparition appeared in the sky, it certainly doesn’t look like a cloud randomly formed into this distinctive shape. The lines and curves this thing has are far too distinctive for this. Of course the speculation is, this is nothing more than digital work that was done. Anything is possible, however a number of people witnessed this strange phenomena.

(Source: Ufotopia and Daily Star)

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