Man Appears Out Of Nowhere Seen On Video Recording

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When things like this happen they can leave you second guessing about it. A CCTV video, captured a man who appears quite literally out of nowhere. Is this nothing more than a camera glitch of some sort? Perhaps, but some are wondering if this guy could be a time traveler of sorts.

It is unknown where this took place but the video recording shows a street somewhere. At first, nothing else out of the ordinary happens, until this unidentified man appears from the street and a nearby sign before wandering onto the sidewalk. Moments later, he begins to walk in a hurry. 

Man teleports from nowhere

This recording might be nothing more than someone using a special effect, but if not then it does raise questions about it. Other people around this location are going about their business as seen. In the wide angle background zoom out, cars can be seen driving down the road among other people wandering around.

Is it possible that teleport type technology actually exists? Many things are reverse engineered and worked on in secret. Maybe this was an accident of sorts, as this man unknowingly was recorded by the nearby street camera.

Certainly someone could have edited the video but they did a fantastic job as it is difficult to detect any kind of anomaly in the video. Other questions about this include the quality of the video. This makes editing it that much easier.

Another strange thing about this video is, why would a bus stop be next to where passengers would have to step over a cable and barrier? Upon looking at this man, there appears to be no camera type glitches where the people near him were.

The video doesn’t seem to stutter or skip during playback. It really is fascinating to watch. Likely half the people who watch this will believe it while others will not.

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