Witchcraft workings and wonderment

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With ritualistic practices on the rise, a witch’s familiar remains faithfully by their side. These types of minions range from the classic black cat to a venomous type of spider. They are used to provide some type of protection for a witch and look out for her while he or she performs their rituals. Historically, these familiars were known as lower level type demons. Sometimes they are sacrificed by the witch, to perform their spells and bestow curses upon their victims.

Witchcraft practices

Aside from cats and spiders, also owls, mice, toads and dogs are used as both a means of spell creation and protection. It was said, that witches also allowed familiars to suckle their own blood from different parts of their body. These rituals also allow some witches the ability to morph themselves into a type of animal. Evidence of this, would be seen upon a witch from unnatural marks known as ‘witch’s marks’ which appeared on their skin.

Witchcraft has been a part of culture and history for quite some time. Originating back in the early discovery of cave paintings, this practice is estimated to be roughly 30,000 years old. This crafty practice, has been around from quite some time – dating back to the Paleolithic period.

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Witches have a number of abilities, which also include psychic type powers.They are often able to read the minds of people or channel themselves through a spiritual gateway. This quite often, could lead them into another place…through their meditations and self hypnosis methods.

Early Colonial America, is known for burning people alive as they were believed to be witches, especially in locations such as Salem, Massachusetts. This sent a shock wave of panic throughout the lands, as it created a mass hysteria among the masses. Many were deeply saddened and troubled even now, by these past events throughout history.

Witchcraft spellcasting

Over the last several hundred years, the image of a witch – has often been associated with something being evil, from Christian faith teachings. People have also discovered that some witches are actually good, helping to bring a balance of order to an otherwise chaotic world.

There seems to be a renewed interest in witchcraft, as a new generation of followers and believers help set it center stage. Modern witchcraft, seems to attract people from all walks of life.

Also, it seems…that those who hold positions power in society, have used their magic practices throughout various locations all over the world. These people, have fallen into positions of power, from their training and spiritual energies. As with the light, there is the darkness that shadows how society has been shaped. Perhaps we are all being influenced by energies that we simply don’t understand or can even see with our own eyes. Practicing these types of rituals, can bring people closer to the darkness or perhaps the towards the light.

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