Shocking: Retired Air Force Major Said He Killed A Real Alien

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Typically people have different encounters regarding aliens. Some have seen them, while others have allegedly been abducted by them. This time around, one retired Air Force Major said he shot and killed an actual alien entity. 

Major George Filer

He released a book about this remarkable encounter and while some may find it difficult to believe, Major George Filer has nothing left to lose. He is well respected and wanted to let the world know about what happened all those years ago. Filer’s story is detailed in a book, released by John L. Guerra entitled: “Strange Craft: The True Story of an Air Force Intelligence Officer’s Life with UFOs”.

The event happened back on January 18, 1978 in Fort Dix, New York. Jersey. The Air Force Major was on his way driving a police pickup truck. He was driving around inside the perimeter of an Air Force base. 

After a while, he noticed what appeared to be an unusual looking low-flying object observed by him, early in the morning. His estimation was that it was around 2:00 AM. He had been driving around for several hours before realizing this UFO was actually following him. The craft was hovering about him and had an eerie blue-green glow about it.

The Major then described this alien entity, as being a grayish-brown color. It then wandered out from the night and stepped in front of his vehicle. Filer then noticed this alien in further detail, as the light coming from the truck illuminated everything there.

Unsure and fearful of what to do next, he pulled out his gun. He called out “freeze” verbally. The alien creature, continued to stand there. Moments later, he squeezed off a few rounds striking the alien. It seemed that the injures were fatal, as afterward there was an ammonia-like smell coming from this alien, according to his report.

After all of this happened, a recovery team came from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio who gathered up the corpse of this alien. The men who arrived at the scene, didn’t seem to be daunted over it. They seemed to clean up everything, like it was part of their daily routine. 

Filer also said, “The senior master sergeant runs everything, from who sweeps the floors to organizing the staff schedules and making sure phones and faxes are up and running. He was agitated; his face was pale and his eyes were wide open.”

The sergeant answered when Filer asked him if the creature had come from another country:

“No, it was from outer space, a space alien. There are UFOs buzzing around the planet like mad.”

(Source: Anomalien)

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