Woman With Medical Issues Believes Shadow-Like Figures Have Been Studying Her

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It all started for her when she was a young child. She grew up in California back in the 1960’s. Something she thinks has been with her for quite some time. Her most recent experience was about a year ago, after she moved to Florida. 

Two nights in a row, she was hooked up to her oxygen machine. This woman explained that she has to have this device on at all times, due to her health conditions. The machine runs 24/7 and she often sits in a recliner type chair, due to some serious back problems that she has. 

After dozing off vast asleep, she later woke up. Her son believes that their cat stepped on her arm and not something else. However, this woman explained that she has been experiencing bizarre things most of her life. The mark made was troubling to her. So, she shared it online in hopes that others might know what it was or what had happened to her.

A distinctive bruise appeared on her arm. She said that her cat isn’t heavy enough to make such a mark. The mark would likely resemble that of a paw print and this was something else entirely according to her. 

In between being awake, she felt something remove the tube from her arm on the second night. While it is difficult for her recall, she believes that something else was with her upon that night.

It wasn’t her son or her cat. On the first night, she started thinking that some kind of device had been implanted into her arm. However, more than likely…something was inserting a new kind of device into her arm.

She remarked about her bruise and how noticeable it was. This bruise took at least several weeks to fade away. The woman then pointed out the three long finger-like marks that were made on her arm. She said she could even feel a small ‘kernel’ there.

Did something implant a device into her arm? People have reported being abducted by extraterrestrials before, maybe this was another encounter like this. All of it was quite strange to say the least.

The picture she shared is interesting and a marking was made which was circled. Was this marking made by some kind of paranormal entity? The lady said she didn’t think to keep taking daily pictures of her arm to share, only the single photo. However, she did say upon one night she noticed massive fog around her. 

Shadow demon at night

There were shadowed-like figures around. They had oblong faces and heads but did not have large eyes like many aliens have been described. These were something else entirely.

She feels in her gut that these have been around her ever since she was a little girl. All of it remains unexplained but she believes that these things have studied her for whatever different reasons over time. She also added that she wasn’t scared of them, as they have likely been around her since she was a child.

(Source: Reddit)

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