Revelation of robots

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Arnold Schwarzenegger

We have all seen science fiction films showing different robots. Perhaps one of the most famous of them is actor Arnold Schwarzenegger portraying the T-800 Model 101. Portrayed as both a foe and friend his character became part of pop culture.

Now things are becoming more like the The Terminator franchise as artificial intelligence has progressed dramatically. Even the outer shell of a robot is resembling that of human being. Perhaps we should all be a bit nervous for our future if you remember the Sky-net system from Terminator.

For those who are socially awkward, robots will eventually become companions instead of the real thing. In the workforce, robotic technology will start replacing some tasks which people are doing now. This is both good and bad at the same time.

Atlas robot with friends

A Google owned firm named Boston Dynamics has been working dramatically on robotic technology. There is a functioning robot capable of doing different tasks such as opening doors, walking through the snow and picking up boxes. Even falling over after being pushed doesn’t stop this robot named Atlas. This robot uses sensors on its head to avoid different obstacles and keep its balance. It can mimic movements much like a human. With voice production being worked on as well, it will respond to many different commands.

Scarlett Johansson
One Hong Kong man who fancies actress Scarlett Johansson decided to build a robot in her likeness. He spent $50,000 dollars perhaps more to continue working on her. Ricky Ma spent his early years in life growing up watching television series like The Transformers and other cartoons about robots. This influenced him to build his ideal dream woman since he can’t have the real thing.

Jia Jia

Dubbed the robot goddess, this life-like cyborg named Jia Jia has rosy red cheeks, can speak and respond similar to an Asian woman. She is the brainchild of Chen Xiaoping at the University of Science and Technology of China.

The realism of all of these robots is astounding. They are making such progress each day. Even nanotechnology is progressing. Perhaps small robots will be inside our bodies helping to clear out the cholesterol in our arteries as an example one day.

With all of this technology, our world is being shaped for the future. Some may not agree with what is being done. However, the world is changing quite dramatically each and every day. Who really knows what the future will bring but hopefully it will become a better place with robot technology.

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