Angelic Looking Entity Soars Over Brazil

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Whatever it might have been, it appears to resemble that of an angelic form. It was illuminated by the sky lighting and seemed to soar through the air with divine grace.

Unless this was a digital creation, it has since baffled everyone who has seen the video. There are many things in our world that are difficult to explain, this is another example of one of those things.

Angelic Looking Entity Soars Over Brazil

This doesn’t resemble a kind of aircraft but something else entirely. The video clip was initially uploaded to YouTube by UFO hunter Disclose Screen ‘The Grimreefar’. The mystery figure seems to first emerge from behind a large cloud, then gradually makes its way behind another one.

The narrator said: “It looks like light refraction but then again it looks like some type of energy source. “It’s even got the harmonious appearance of an angel.”

Sometimes things like this can be created by laser light shows. This time is different, as the video was recorded during daylight hours. This would make creating something like this quite difficult due to the brightness of the daylight afternoon hours.

The fascinating object seems to move at a pretty fast pace. It however seems to retain its shape mostly and gives the impression that it has wings of some kind. Perhaps this is why people think it resembles an angel type form.

Comments were made: “It definitely has an angelic look to it. “I believe the veil between dimensions is getting thinner and thinner.” “Amazing.” “Is that an angel?”

This isn’t the only time something like this has been seen before nor will it be the last. Some would agree, this is more like an alien sighting. Others thought it was more like an icy looking dragon, with its arms or wings outstretched far.

There isn’t much information known yet about this bizarre video recording. The anomaly has left people scratching their heads as to what it might have been.

The video was uploaded to an alien UFO sightings page on Facebook back during the end of July.  

(Source: Daily Star)

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