Staying ahead of the reaper

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At some point all of us will die. However, some of us will die sooner than others. Nobody knows exactly when our time will come. This is why we must make the most of our lives and try and do the best that we can. After all, we cannot take anything with us from this world, perhaps just our memories.
Nobody truly knows what will happen, until they have departed from our world.

One man shared his encounters of what he thought was the grim reaper itself—that has been chasing after him for years. He claims to have cheated death numerous times and demanded to live on to see another day.

Since he was a boy, he mentioned early on—he nearly died from a serious infection. He clearly recalls lying in his bed, drenched with sweat, as the lights in the room grew dim. When they faded, the room turned to a pitch of darkness. He even felt his teeth chattering, as a cool breeze crept across his toes towards his head.

The Grim Reaper

It was the first time he saw it. It appeared to be a tall hooded specter with a ghastly face peering into his soul. The skeletal face was both dry and menacing. Whatever this was, it appeared out of the darkest of shadows floating across the floor. Terrified, the man witnessed the Grim Reaper’s dry thorny tongue moving across its jagged teeth.

He felt doomed, as a sense of dread overcame him. A loud noise was heard as what seemed like a thousand tornadoes splintered his eardrums. The reaper raised its scythe, ready to swipe before fading away after the man yelled from the top of his lungs “IT’S MY LIFE!”.

When this happened, he didn’t realize just how close he was to death. He felt lucky, as the lights began to glow as his mother wandered in to hold him. He explained to his parents, that an utter evil appeared before him.

They simply thought he was dreaming or hallucinating from the fever. This was a turning point in his life. He knew from that day forward, he was in control of his destiny. Deep down, he knew many had died previously from giving up far too soon.

As the years passed before him, miraculously he would cheat death more times over the years. This was in spite of him trying to be safe. During his teenage years, he was speeding down the road one night. It was dark and rainy, making it difficult to see.

When he opened his eyes, it was too late. He crashed into a large tree. He was just barely conscious as he then heard the far too familiar tornado sound again. His eardrums pulsated with pain as the darkness tried to consume him.

Only then, did he lift his bloody head up—to see the Grim Reaper standing before him once again. He screamed this time “IT’S MY LIFE – IT’S NOT MY TIME!” The reaper glared at him with anger as its skull grazed the window of his car. When the man looked again, the reaper was gone. Bruised and battered the man managed to drag himself out of his burning car to live on.

Later in his life while in his twenties, he wandered through a bad part of town. He was walking near the railroad tracks when he heard what sounded like footsteps behind him. Before facing his attacker, he felt a cold blade pierce his skin.

He realized he had been stabbed in the back and robbed. He was caught off guard and fell into a panic. The robber got away with his wallet from his pants pocket. This time he knew it was even more serious. Once again the loud sound of what seemed like a tornado screamed into his ears.

The Grim Reaper at night

He witnessed the Grim Reaper again, who was wielding his menacing scythe with his skeletal hand. It appeared to be mere mockery as the reaper laughed at him. He heard it say “NOW YOU’RE MINE!”. The reaper dragged him with his other hand, pulling him towards his wretched face.

His tongue scraped the mas cheek as his soulless empty eyes glanced into his soul. The man screamed out loud “I’LL NEVER BE YOURS!” at the reaper. A flash of light overwhelmed the area, as he heard the reaper yell “NOOO!”.

This was the last encounter to date, the man had with the reaper. He has since been on constant guard. The mans wife, recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. He said the other night, he swore he witnessed a shadow hovering over them in the deep darkness…

It seems fate had other plans for this man and his family.

(Source: BackPackerVerse)

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