The girl with 10 lives

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People sometimes experience déjà vu like they have been somewhere before. But what if they actually did? This is what a young girl named Joey Verwey experienced. She is convinced that she has lived before on Earth as many different people. Her details are quite impressive with many little things that would be quite imaginative if they were simply made up.


Her first experience happened when she was only 3 years old. She started telling her family these detailed encounters from her previous lives. In total, there are 10 separate lives she has previously led. Since she was young, many different researchers, parapsychologists and reporters have come knocking at her door to further question her. Even hypnotists were used to help her recall past life experiences.

Through research has been done trying to track down who she was from her past lives. With so many different lives her emotions must really get a hold of her. The first life she remembers living was in the prehistoric age she was a cave dwelling human who used bone and stone tools.

She even remembers being chased by a dinosaur. Well this may seem rather generic—but she was able to lead a research team to the actual cave located in South Africa. They found evidence that someone who used this cave many years ago as it was a good shelter. This same cave was where Robert Bloom made his famous discovery between the link of that between apes and humans. Also known as Australopithecus Africa nus.


Joey also recalls being a slave living in Egypt. These days were quite tough and she explained details about slaves who were used aboard ships. She explained that the Egyptians also paved their roadways from the backs of slaves. When she lived in Rome she experienced Emperor Nero’s reign.

She was then persecuted as a christian during the first century. She also recalls meeting Saint Peter as well. In another lifetime, she wore a veil over her face and remembers seeing an elephant equipped with a carriage on top of it.

She thinks there was a princess who was being taken somewhere. During the 1900’s Joey recalls being the grandchild of President Paul Kruger. He was a predominant military figure during the 19th century in South Africa. He also reigned as President between 1883-1900. During this same time she remembers having 10 children and several husbands.


Joey managed to track down one of her living children who was in her 90’s. Another instance she remembers is meeting another daughter from a previous life. She thought that Joey resembles her mother as they carried a conversation about different details from their previous life together. All of these past life experiences were proven to be for real by different sources. It makes you wonder about what really happens to us when we die. Where will we turn up next? What karma do we carry with us into the next lifetime?

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