10 Creepy Paranormal Photos From The Web

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Seen in this photograph appears to be a bony young ghostly apparition. She can be seen standing in the back behind the family group photo. The ghostly woman, appears to be younger perhaps a teenager who had died. Now her spirit haunts this area. This photo comes from New Zealand.

Allegedly, the person’s aunt from this family, actually witnessed seeing this unidentified ghost back in the 1960’s and 1970’s. The ghost can be seen wearing a white fitted bodice-style dress. She also appears to be wearing a dark brooch on her waist and her hair appears to be in a bun style.


Back in the year 2000, a sister was at a party located in Illinois. She was with her best friend. Both of them were in high school when this happened. When they took a photo together, they were shocked to see who or what was standing next to them. This little girl wasn’t there, when they took the photo.

A little girl with possessed red eyes, appears to be next to them. Was this a ghost or something more demonic by nature? At some point, the photograph was lost when they moved but later surfaced again when they were unpacking. They later shared it online through social media.


An anonymous person said when they took this photograph of their newly purchased house, they noticed a reflection in the window. There appears to be some kind of ghostly looking entity staring back at them. It really freaked them out they said. Nobody else was around, when this photo was taken according to them.


A photograph floating around the internet, appears to show that of a ghost peering out from a mausoleum in an unknown graveyard. There isn’t much known about this photo, but it is certainly is a creepy one. It would be interesting to learn where this was actually taken.


This photo was taken by Elizabeth Tolomeo. She was outdoors with her husband in northern Wisconsin back in the 1990’s. While they were there, she managed to snap this photo. What she didn’t know is something else was with them. After the film was developed, they were shocked to see a small girl wearing a pinafore and bonnet. Apparently, a number of children died in the location years earlier from the plague. Perhaps this small girl was one of them?


Creepy Black Eyed Ghost Girl UK

While out in the woods Hanna Butler from England, happened to snap a creepy photograph. The photo appears to show a black eyed ghost, with hollow eyes in Hessle Foreshore woods. A legend says that this little girl went to the woods in search for her lost father but never came back. Other ghosts have been seen nearby this area as well.


A shadow figure can be seen standing in one of the most haunted locations in all of Europe. Around 15 different ghosts have been discovered in a village area known as Pluckley in Ashford, Kent. Dering Woods is nearby here, has been nicknamed “Screaming Woods”. This is because of the screams often heard at night. This photograph was taken by a local resident who later shared it online. There is something ominously creepy about it.  


The young woman seen in this photograph, snapped this photo while in her car. She posed for a selfie and captured something else with her on camera. Seen in the reflection of her glasses over her right eye, looks like some kind of misshapen skeleton head. Is it a ghost or something like a demon of sorts? There isn’t much information about this or who she is.


What looks like some kind of ghost standing by the rocks, is seen out in the wild in this photograph. Where this was taken remains a mystery and when it was taken as well. Some think this is nothing more than an optical type illusion. Perhaps it is something more.


It might take a moment to see this but when you do, it will leave you wondering what it might be. This photo has been floating around the internet for a while and most think it is something rather unusual. Certainly things can be faked but this one is quite clever. The face under the pillow is kind of creepy looking for sure. It makes you wonder about it.

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