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This Large Pet Rabbit, Is Nearly The Size Of A Child

Many people online were shocked to see photographs of one particular rabbit. It’s name is ‘Cocoa Puff’ and many are admiring its unusual size. This special rabbit lives with a family in Seattle, Washington. 

Having a rabbit like this certainly brings attention. Now, this family’s Instagram page has nearly 300 thousand followers. Most certainly, this rabbit is spoiled rotten as seen in many of the videos and pictures posted. 

“We thought it would be better to have a rabbit, because you couldn’t keep a dog or a cat on rented housing. Our daughter Macy loves animals very much, so we decided that it was time to replenish the family and started looking for a beautiful rabbit. We noticed that large rabbits get along well with children,” said Lindsay, who is the owner of ‘Cocoa Puff’. 

This unique male rabbit has found rapport with each person it seems. The family said it took them about 6 months to train the rabbit. Each day they feed him two huge bowls of greens, food pellets and hay. He also loves to feast on dried bananas and mangoes as well.

The Guinness World Record for the largest rabbit ever documented so far was a 55 pound rabbit named ‘Ralph’. The 4 year old Continental hailed from the United Kingdom. A breed of rabbit known as Flemish Giant, is the world’s largest rabbit breed known about so far. They have a lifespan of about 5 years. 

Certainly, this Seattle family has one special rabbit and it has become a celebrity in some respect. Many like its name and are looking forward to what the rabbit will do next. Follow the antics of ‘Cocoa Puff’ on Instagram

In the United States, there were an estimated 2.5 million households back in 2012, that had pet rabbits. This number has since grown. About 25% of these pet rabbits were adopted and 14% were purchased from pet stores. The rest have come from other sources.

(Source: Anomalien)

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