Unknown Mutant Crawls Alongside Of The Road

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Someone anonymous shared a story about a strange encounter they had while wandering out with their friend in the woods. This day was foggy and it was starting to get late in the evening. Deciding to head back, these two friends tracked back across a road, that leads through the forest. They decided to go on a hike and further explore the area.

At first, they thought this was someone with their shoulders up crawling alongside of the road. Thinking this person needed help, they approached closer. With the amount of fog around, it made things seem distorted ever so slightly. Whatever this was, it was moving…appearing to be crawling on its own and at a good pace.

Unknown Mutant Crawls Alongside Of The Road

It became apparent, that this was no person but something else entirely. They started to slow up as they approached closer. When they looked over, it looked like a clump of leaves with protrusions coming out from it. This thing appeared to have limbs but this was no type of tree branch. A mushy glob of something, seemed to be sliding underneath a partial pile of leaves. Both of them wondered what it might be. Was this some kind of new animal species or some kind of lab experiment gone wrong?

In nature, there are still many things which people do not understand. Often they attempt to catalogue everything, giving it a name and defining its temperament. Not knowing what to do next, the two friends decided to get away from this thing. People naturally want to defend them self or further investigate about something unknown to them.

Who knows what this thing might have been, since there were no photographs taken of it. Based upon what little information was given, this unknown creature…could have been a mutant of some kind. For those who have seen movies such as “The Blob”, this thing could have been similar by appearance. Quite possibly, this mutant entity could have fallen to Earth as well.

More people are waking up to the possibility of things once hidden, now coming into the light. Since these friends were exploring in the evening hours, this thing might be nocturnal by nature. Just like a hedgehog or possum, it may only travel during certain hours. Quite randomly, these friends may have been the first to ever see something such as this.

In some parts of the world, there are areas where mankind has never set foot upon. At least neither of them were attacked by this thing. Who knows what it could have done. This time they were lucky but just like anything in life, it is random and anything could happen.

It is unknown where this took place but is assumed to have happened somewhere in North America.

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