10 Ghastly ghost photos to make your skin crawl

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10. Ghost figure in the background

Figure in the background

This photo seems to have an ominous feeling to it. Seen in the foreground is a couple who appear together in a snapped photograph. The year, time and place of this photo is unknown, but assumed to be taken sometime in the 1950’s. Both of the people are now believed to be dead. Perhaps seen standing behind them, is an ancestor or lost friend waiting for them in the afterlife.The figure is seen, is in the upper right-hand corner of the photo across from a tree.

9. Red Phantom in the forest

Red Phantom in the Forest

The photo seen appears to show that of a ghostly phantom standing near a running stream in the forest. Ms. Mock is the one who took this photo and as seen, there is no direct sunlight beaming down upon this red looking phantom ghost. From what is known, this woman was out taking nature photos and when they returned to develop this, she was shocked to see this ghostly entity in one of the photos. Usually lens flare type effects can happen in shots like these. Remember this is before digital photography that we have today. The phantom appears to take the shape of a human form.

8. Ectoplasm formation outside mansion

Ectoplasm formation outside Mansion

From what is known about this photograph, is an old Polaroid land camera was used. The year was 1959 and the location is north Damen Ave. in Chicago, which no longer even exists. A young girl is seen standing on the stairs when a misty substance appears in front of her. It seems as if the substance is exuding from her stomach region as it wanders down the length of the stairs. The ectoplasm type substance appears to be translucent as seen. It is also believe that this could be a psychic type photograph meaning the ectoplasm seen is being created by a living person. The girl featured in the photo had this to say about the photograph:

“My parents had bought a real old Mansion that had been turned into a roomy house at that time. The rooming house was located on Damen Ave across the street from Wicker Park in Chicago. There were all kinds of stories about things in that old Mansion. Someone had hung themselves in the basement a long time before we bought the Mansion. The basement had a dirt floor it was so old. The dress I was wearing was found in a old trunk in the basement. It had been left there by a women who did an old vaudeville act. My mother used to let me play with lots of old stuff that I found in that old building. There were secret passages, going from a room to another room. It was a very interesting place to live.”

7. Confederate ghost gazes upon cemetery

Confederate ghost in cemetery

Seen in this unusual photo, is a man visiting the grave of a lost one. Everything seems pretty normal, except for the Confederate looking ghost in the top far corner of the photograph. This allegedly was taken near the Confederate cemetery in Carnton Mansion, Franklin, Tennessee. This location was a key spot during the American Civil War.

6. Husband’s disembodied floating head appears on computer screen

Floating head apparition on computer screen

Appearing to be nothing more than hanging pictures left on the walls at first glance, this couple left many moments together displayed hanging on the walls.This time, the husband wanted one more moment, as his head is seen floating on the computer screen, within their suburban home. The husband’s disembodied head, appears to be a younger version of her husband. The wife always wondered if he had something else left to say to her. Clearly, he was troubled and wanted to leave behind another message, to his loving wife of many years before departing this world.

5. Ghost girl joins family for a swim

Ghost girl joins family for a swim

A woman named Kim Davison from Queensland, Australia shared a photograph that has ever since left people scratching their heads over it. Seen in this photo appears to be a young girl who allegedly died at the same location more than a 100 years ago. The photo first appeared on the Toowoomba Ghost Chasers Facebook page.

4. SS Watertown Ghosts

SS Watertown Ghosts

This photo is a peculiar one, believed to be an authentic ghostly capture, this was taken back in 1924, when long-time director of the American Psychical Institute, Dr. Hereward Carrington documented details of a shipping company on a voyage. The SS Watertown tanker, made its way through the Pacific Ocean, during the month of December. Several men were assigned to clean out a cargo tank.

While doing this, they were accidently poisoned by deadly gases and died not long after. Traditionally, the two Seamen were tossed out at sea. The very next day, just before dusk the two dead sailors were seen aboard the tanker ship. Only it was there ghostly faces glancing out back at everyone. The photo was developed later by a commercial photographer, later being published by an agency in New York. Since its release, it has baffled many…as the dead sailors refused to abandon their posts beyond death.

3. Old Hag ghost captured on camera

Old Hag ghost caught on camera at Fort Worth Museum

A man named Ron Southwell, captured a bizarre ghostly looking “hag” while visiting the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History located in Texas. Not much else is known about it but it certainly looks quite strange. Perhaps he noticed this ghost, after the film was developed as the two men seem to be pretty calm and looking the other way in the photo.

2. Ghost face in the rear view mirror

Ghost face in the rear view mirror

Seen in this photo, is a face in the driver’s side mirror. It was taken during the daylight hours. A named named Guillermo Sosa wanted to sell his white convertible car, so he bought an ad online to sell it. To his surprise, he discovered a ghost face looking back at him in the mirror. He was completely freaked out by it. He said that nobody else was around but him when he took the photo and nobody was inside the car.

1. The Cooper family photo

Cooper family hanging ghost photo

This photograph, has since become quite popular but it is so unusual, it hangs out among the rest. The Cooper family snapped a photograph back in the 1950’s and were completely shocked to see at the dinner table a horrifying upside down hanging body with them on that night. Was this someone who previously lived here? Or, was this perhaps a tortured soul trying to make contact with the living? Quite certainly, this is one ghostly standout.

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