Woman Dies After Having Sex With Ghost

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A young woman apparently died after having sex with a ghost in Pumula East, Zimbabwe. Her name is Sithandazile Mpofu and she died from excessive bleeding. Allegedly, she met a “ghost” at the local night hot spot.

After this, the Bulawayo woman found herself undressed and on top of a grave in Luveve Cemetery. This ghost had sex with her, according to her sister who reported the incident later. While on top of the grave, Mpofu was overwhelmed from being touched as hands pushed against her. Mpofu mentioned that she could feel the weight of a man on top of her, but she couldn’t see anyone else around.

Zimbabwe Woman Dies After Having Sex With Ghost

According to what Mpofu’s sister said, she was both exhausted and frothing at the mouth when she came home. She also was bleeding from her privates. From what is understood, Mpofu often went to this same nightclub often. The likeliness that she was actually assaulted by a ghost, is a bit far fetched. In reality, she was assaulted by a rapist and injured rather badly.

Inside of this nightclub, she was allegedly approached by this sex starved ghost. Mpofu’s cousin was also with her at the nightclub. It seemed as if this ghost overwhelmed her and whisked her away to this cemetery for a frightful night. Being foolish, she went off with this “ghost”. It was said that she was going to be taken to Luveve. This is where this ghost was haunting a place he called home.

Mpofu’s sister lives in a rural home located in Esiphezini, located near Esigodini. This is where Sithandazile Mpofu was taken. She rested her for several days, before succumbing to her death. Her health quickly deteriorated, before she finally made it to United Bulawayo Hospitals. There are several hospitals here, that have been combined into a single facility. Both the Mpilo Hospital and the Central Hospital are located here.

Inside the hospital, Sithandazile Mpofu took her final breath. Upon statements made, Mpofu said she slept with a man who she believe to be a ghost.

Ghost sex is becoming more of a thing in recent times. There are people out there who admit to having had sex with ghosts. Are they mentally disturbed or are they speaking some sense of truth?

This disturbed woman was laid to rest, but before being buried her family planned to hire an inyanga. This is someone who can perform rituals at her grave, so she will not return as undead zombie of sorts. While much of this seems rather ridiculous, superstitions are sacred and respected here among the people here. It makes one wonder, if her spirit now haunts this location seeking some kind of revenge.

(Source: iHarare)

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