Two Brothers Discover Face Of Jesus On Torn Tree Trunk

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A man named John Dickson was shocked, along with his brother after noticing one unusual tree trunk nearby. Both of them were inside, watching football on television. John’s wife, wanted to hang clothes outside but to her dismay, there were no lines available. Eager enough, she fetched her 43 year old husband John, to set up a new clothesline.

John Dickson Morecambe Lancashire Jesus Face On Tree Trunk

While outside, he was splitting wood and noticed along with his brother moments later, a face that resembled Jesus Christ. The father of two couldn’t believe his eyes, the tree trunk really did resemble Jesus from biblical drawings.

This bizarre anomaly certainly stood out. Not long after, everyone nearby took a peak for themselves. Eventually, the photo was shared online and people don’t know what to make of it. It certainly is fascinating nonetheless.

The family lives in Morecambe, Lancashire and may have discovered a spiritual symbol that resonates with many, being a resemblance of Jesus Christ our Lord. It is unknown just how many people have seen this astonishing trunk in person yet.

John mentioned that he just finished cutting these logs for firewood, before seeing the face of Jesus. The moments he was stacking up a pile of firewood, he looked up and noticed a rather familiar face staring back at him.

John went on to say that this totally freaked him out, yet he was equally amazed at the sight of Jesus. He didn’t feel right attempting to use the piece of wood in the fireplace, so who knows what might happen next with it. Perhaps even, he might sell it online to someone. Jokingly he said, “I’ll never be able to burn it, otherwise I’ll burn in hell.” John also said, he isn’t really a religious person. Maybe this is a sign for him and others as well to keep faith.

(Source: Daily Star)

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