Haunting photo from fatal motorcycle crash

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Kentucky roadside ghost zoom in

There are certain moments which define your perspective on the afterlife. This photo is certainly one of them. It was taken by Saul Vazquez, he is a truck driver. He decided to snap this photograph recently and captured something rather extraordinary. It seems Saul snapped a ghostly spirit leaving the body of a highway fatality.

He mentioned he was in the cab of his truck with the window down and took this photo. This accident happened in Kentucky between Campton and Stanton. It appears to be a motorcycle fatality along a service road from the mountain parkway.

The crash occurred around 5:30 pm on highway 15. Saul tried his best to zoom in from the distance. Some people are mentioning that this is simply a tree trunk reflecting light. While this is a possibility, it doesn’t seem likely.

Kentucky roadside ghost close

The image of the ghostly spirit looks gaseous like a small floating cloud. Looking carefully at the shadow off the top of the state police troopers hat—it seems rather unfortunate as this was the last day for this person. So far, the photograph has been shared almost 15,000 times on Facebook.

While this accident is tragic, the spirit doesn’t seem to be noticed by anyone standing nearby. Things like this always leave room for doubt—as we automatically dismiss anything beyond what is for certain. For those who have religious beliefs, this person hopefully moved onward into heaven and had a good life while they were here.

Kentucky roadside ghost

Perhaps this photograph will bring a solace to the man’s family as he apparently died later in the hospital. No name has been released yet of the motorcyclist who lived near Powell County, Kentucky. Saul Vazquez mentioned that this photograph was not altered in any way.

Television station FOX59 tried to further contact Saul—but hasn’t since heard anything back yet. Saul is certainly questioning what it is he witnessed that day. This could be a defining moment for him and others for their belief in the supernatural.

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