Crazed Masked Clown Killed by Pizza Employee

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This strange incident took place in Holly Hill, Florida recently. When 28 year old employee Heriberto Feliciano, left his Little Caesar’s restaurant, he thought he would be returning home like any other evening. To his surprise, he was ambushed by a man wearing a clown mask.

Someone wearing a mask like this, would get attention any other time other than Halloween. The man killed, was 53 year old Jesse Coggins from Greenville, North Carolina. Normally, people who are clowns, have good intentions. Although, there are many folks who are scared to death of clowns. Those who become a clown, wear their painted or masked face for anonymity.

People most of the time will laugh at you. However, most people have a deep fear lurking secretly. There is something about clowns, that put people off. These issues, may stem from either inferiority or superiority complexes. Perhaps even a childhood experience may have affected them.

Clown Mask killing Florida

When masked clown Jesse Coggins attacked Heriberto Feliciano, he struck him with a wooden post in the back until it actually broke. After this, he then tried to stab Feliciano with scissors, according to the police report. The attack was both brutal and strange. From what is known, Coggins had been lurking outside of the Little Caesar’s restaurant, before they closed for the evening.

Holly Hill Florida Clown Mask killing

The assault quickly turned deadly for Coggins, as unbeknownst to him…Coggins was packing heat with a loaded concealed handgun. The masked madman, dropped quickly after Feliciano emptied multiple rounds (4-5) into him at close range. Coggins died at the scene. Feliciano phoned the police explaining what had happened.

Feliciano has a legal registered firearm. His actions likely happened from self defense. It is believed that he will not face any charges for killing the masked clown. Authorities are still investigating the scene and gathering more information to determine what exactly happened. This crime scene, appears to be a robbery attempt gone wrong.

Feliciano later spoke with a Florida television station. He clearly was upset about the entire thing and during the 911 call and he can be heard sobbing in tears over the incident. A relative explained to the television station that Feliciano is upset over it all.

This is what was heard during the 911 phone call on Tuesday, “Please help me. I think he’s dying. He tried to stab me with a pair of scissors. He hit me in the face with a big piece of wood. I’m bleeding all over the place.”

Holly Hill police Chief Steve Aldrich said there’s no indication that anyone apart from the masked man, was involved in the attack.

(Source: Coast to Coast AM and WFTV9 ABC)

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