Cousins Photograph Creepy Full Bodied Apparition By Ladder

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This unusual photograph appeared on Reddit 6 years ago and is both creepy and perplexing. What appears to be the head of a man, is seen standing next to a big ladder. Either this is a mere illusion or something was with this man on this night.

Cousins Photograph Creepy Full Bodied Apparition By Ladder

The manish head seen by the ladder, resembles that of Jason Voorhees, a character from the Friday the 13th franchise film series. The character appeared in the first Friday the 13th film, as the son of a camp cook-turned-serial-killer.

Others think this might just be some kind of paint can left behind on the ladder. Either way, it does create a ominous sense of creepiness. The photo was posted by a user named TheJaybo, they explained this photo was their cousin in their new house. The two of them were there but they never noticed what was captured in this photo. They have no idea who this was or if this was something else entirely.

It is unknown who the man is seen sitting the sofa other than him being the cousin to whoever snapped the photo. He doesn’t seem to notice this oddity by the ladder. Was this something else entirely like a ghostly entity standing nearby?  Whoever took the photo, also doesn’t seem to realize it either, otherwise the photo would likely be blurred from movement made.

Someone commented saying that the man by the ladder, looks like their dad. It’s uncanny they said. Another comment was made, saying this is nothing but some kind of dishware. The facial features are there but they are not defined enough to see. One other comment was made saying they noticed a “Bat Boyish Goblin” looking through the window just above the couch on the left hand side. It appears to have it’s mouth open.

Notably, when glancing at the photo, people are saying this is just a teapot. However, this is only the outline of it. When you actually look at this, you can see key features that a teapot wouldn’t have on it such as the decorations.

There appears to be what resembles a mouth and eye. Could this be nothing more than a distortion of some kind? Anything is possible. Where the object is seen, also appears to be elevated. When the cousins first noticed this abnormality in the photograph, wouldn’t they have check to see what was really there that resembled a full bodied man and with a face?

Whatever this thing is, it has freaked out a number of people who have seen it. There seems to be no other trace of this other than being first posted on social media site Reddit.

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