Mummified Sea Captain Discovered Drifting On Yacht

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While this lost captain enjoyed the sea, his body was discovered well preserved inside the cabin of his yacht. The discovery was a creepy one for sure, made by several fisherman who noticed a partially submerged yacht in the water, off the coast of Barobo in the Philippines. Both of these men, were shocked to see the mummified remains of a grey haired man – preserved and posed across a desk sitting in his chair.

Mummifed Sea Captain found

The man was later identified as Manfred Fritz Bajorat, a German explorer who was last seen back in Mallorca, Spain back in 2009. A fellow sailor, recalled seeing him then. Most of his belongings were with him. These scattered items included food, clothing and different photo albums.

The speculation about his death is, he died from a heart attack. His body was incredibly well preserved due to the varying temperatures at sea. This would include the dry ocean winds which are loaded with salt.

It has been suggested that while his body remained inside the cabin, it was protected from scavenging seabirds and sharks. The high temperature, along with the low humidity…helped keep him in tact. All of this provided the ideal conditions for his preservation.

The salt in the air, helped preserved Fritz as he turned into a mummy over time. If he had fallen into the water instead, it would have been an entirely different story. Being out in the ocean like this, creates treacherous conditions where both decomposition and putrefaction happen rather quickly. He likely would have rotted much faster after a few days.

The outside structure of the vessel, was examined and deemed to be damaged from a bad ocean storm. A broken mast, suggested this is what happened at one point in time.

Fritz and his yacht floated aimlessly at sea for years, likely covering many miles around the world. Even in death, his spirit continued to sail at sea it seems.

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