Ghostly Figures Photographed In Window Resemble Mother And Child

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It happened year ago in a small market town in Shropshire, England known as Wem. A photograph was taken, that at first looked fairly typical. Glancing at the background, appears to be a building under construction during this time. The photo dates back to 6/18/10 and was time stamped at 9:20 PM.

Natasha Oliver Ghost woman and child window photo

A number of people were posed for a photo in the evening hours. Little did they soon realize they were not alone. What resembles both a mother and child, can be seen standing in the far upstairs window.

The photograph is ominously eerie. As seen in the photo, are these two spirits. Perhaps they were in on the fun as well, wanting to have a good time. It seems nobody ever learned who these two might have been, while they were still alive.

The presence of these apparitions appears to be the result of a most unusual night. Many believe that between the hours of 3 to 4 AM the spirits are at their strongest. This is what makes this interesting, as these ghosts appeared to come out to play earlier in the evening.

Natasha Oliver is the woman who posted this photo originally, she has since taken down her Facebook page or possibly it was taken down by other means. According to what Natasha said, this photograph was not altered in any way.

Before this she never believed in ghosts or anything like this. However, she has since become a believer. Natasha like many, think that this ghost was carrying a child or baby. Perhaps something tragic happened in the past here as these spirits are now trapped unable to continue on in the afterlife.

“The boys climbed up the scaffolding to see what was up there thinking maybe someone was watching us,” Oliver said. “But there was nothing up there. There were no floorboards or anything there. The house wasn’t finished being built yet at the time, “she said in an interview with ABC News.

From what is understood, the photograph was later examined and displayed no signs of being tampered with. It is an interesting ghostly capture for sure.

(Source: ABC News)

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