Alexa Enabled Amazon Devices Are Doing Weird Things

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There have been numerous reports of people hearing Amazon’s Alexa enabled devices, carrying on conversations without anyone else around. Are they malfunctioning? Or, is something else going on entirely?

While there are videos showing Alexa devices responding, typically the camera angle has been conveniently cropped in an angle. This leads one to believe, that many of these have been suspiciously staged.

Amazon Alexa privacy weird laughing

Reports of this device randomly laughing have happened as well. Most people found it to be rather creepy. Amazon is aware of this and has made plans to fix the issue. Sometimes the Alexa devices, randomly start posting to social media sites as well. It seems odd, there could be different reasons for all of this happening. The most logical is, the device is mechanically failing.

Triggered voice commands such as someone saying, “Alexa, patio off” causes some devices to begin laughing. Some users have reported their Alexa-enabled device giggling without any kind of voice prompt.

One family living in Portland, Oregon reported that their Amazon Alexa smart speaker recorded audio from a conversation and sent it randomly to someone living in Seattle, Washington. This person was actually on the family’s contact list however. It certainly is a glitch of some kind.

“My husband and I joked with one another, I’d bet these devices are listening to what we’re saying.” said Danielle, who did not reveal her last name. It turns out they were right, after a employee from her husband’s business called them after receiving private conversations.

Danielle said that her entire home practically was wired with Alexa enabled devices. These devices control her home’s heat, lights and security system as well. When Amazon offered to “de-provision” Danielle’s Alexa communications, she refused and wanted an outright refund. So far, it is unknown if they have made things right. Setting up one’s phone with these smart home features can be risky it seems.

Computer privacy concerns

Privacy issues have most certainly become a concern for our modern day society. Practically everywhere you turn, someone has their phone or a camera is has been mounted on street intersections in most places. Many stores run surveillance cameras 24/7 to protect their property also. Technology, is taking over many things people do each and every day. When more affordable robotics emerge, it will be a brave new world for everyone.

Some users believe that they have witnessed interaction between Alexa and possibly a ghost in the room triggering responses. There are now many videos floating around, showing these weird interactions. Some of them are downright creepy.

(Source: CNBC and KIRO 7)

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