Seduced By A Succubus

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Generally, when people meet one another, they get along rather well. Sometimes not so much. There are a number of men who found out, some women appear to be much more than they really are.

One woman shared her personal experiences, saying that her girlfriends were nothing but soul-sucking energy vampires. Also known as a succubus, these demonic leeches completely consume the very soul of a unsuspecting man. After this, the man then becomes nothing but an empty shattered shell, of who he was once before. Many lives have been ruined from tumultuous type relationships.

This anonymous woman, went on to explain that she knows why some women behave this way. When someone shares a secret with another, they then feel obligated somehow to not say anything further.

However, their conscious takes over, making them feel either guilty or obligated to say something as they want to help this person. Sometimes women will stab one another in the back to get what they want, whether it is over money or a man among other things.

Deep down, men know that a woman such as this, will spill secrets and use them against him. This same type of woman is ruthless, always trying to get her way. The fact this woman is possessed by something is very likely. Whether or not she is married makes no difference, a succubus such as this, will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Succubus demon girl

Many might wonder what exactly a succubus is. These female demons, are believed to have sex with men to influence them. It was once believed that they only came to them at night – but the daylight hours aren’t off limits either, when someone falls asleep. The male counterpart, is known as an incubus.

These demonic entities, typically visit people in their dreams. They are powerful as whatever is happening, seems real to the dreamer. A person can completely lose themself within this type of experience.

For them, it is very real and often leaves a lasting impression upon the person, for the rest of their days. Over time, this can affect any healthy type relationship – as the person will continue to be visited by this demonic type activity.

To avoid this happening, there is no real fix or cure. Certain personalities are more susceptible to this than others. Keeping the faith and staying positive, will help avoid the darkness to overtake you. A succubus is a lucid and mystical force, not to be reckoned with.

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