Norwegian Woman Moves And Jumps Around Like A Horse On All Fours

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A Norwegian woman named Ayla Kirstine, has the unique ability to imitate the movements of a horse or other four legged type animals. She has been doing this for years and started around the time she was 10 years old. Over time, Ayla has physically increased her skills including her speed and leaping ability. 

As she aged into an adult, she can cover a larger distance due to the length of both her arms and legs. With her defined skills, Ayla can leap over picnic tables among other things.

Her love for animals and imitation of them…is apparent in each video segment seen. She has been labelled as horse girl or the horse jumper, but some have called her other names as well. 

Many responses have been that this is actually disturbing, yet cool at the same time. Perhaps this is another stage of human evolution, as people look to expand their bodies in different ways. Something like this, is far different from changing one’s appearance or looks alone. 

“When I was [four] years old, I loved dogs and wanted to be a dog myself,” Ayla said. “So, when I knew I liked horses, I only used what I had learned.”

Ayla explained that she is “So sensitive that she is scared of everything”. However, she has since thanked many people for their kind and supportive comments as well. The internet as everyone knows can be a cruel place to self express upon. There are a number of videos of her jumping and running around on all fours online. Her four-legged high jumping is impressive to say the least.

Ayla Kirstine horse jumper all fours

There is a distinctive difference between both bipedal and quadrupedal running. Humans galloping around like this, are slightly faster by a fraction of a second. If someone were to further enhance their skills with possible future alterations with robotics, they would move even faster and leap further. 

Ayla Kirstine horse jumper

Future athletes, would likely shatter any previous records made by people moving around on all fours. Maybe the Olympic Games will create a new category for this altogether in the future as well. 

After her videos were posted online long ago, Ayla has since become an interest sensation showing off her skills to the world.

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