China confirms the existence of UFOs and aliens

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A question which many people have been awaiting an answer for has finally come to pass. It is true, aliens do exist and the Chinese are admitting to this existence of aliens.

Many of the unexplained UFOs seen and some of the extraterrestrial sightings people have presented are indeed real. Certainly, many fake things have been made for attention. However, there is simply far too much evidence to hide from the general public any longer.

Yes, that’s right, those strange things flying around in the sky are from another world. The alien Moon bases seen are real. Some of those videos of living creatures from another world are real as well. The suspicious activity taking place in Antarctica, has to do with alien encounter activity.

UFO hitchhiker

Other governments have presented forth information about the existence of UFOs. The Chinese want to set the record straight and give the public the truth of things, exposing it once and for all. People have been yearning to know the truth for far too long. This will forever change our world.

The Chinese from this point, have so much pressure being pressed upon them—they wanted the world to know what is really going on. It is now their time to declassify decades of various investigations. All of this, is in regards to flying objects in the sky and alien entities living and wandering among us.

Government officials from different departments admit that things are happening which we do not fully understand. They are interplanetary and are causing disruption to not only Earth, but to other living inhabitable planets as well. There are some truly messed up things happening all around us, as we enter this new era of time and space.

It has been know for quite some time by avid UFO enthusiasts and investigators—that a sort of phenomenon has been happening all around us. There are those who are just now waking up to the reality of things and deserve to know the real truth of things.

Citizen hearing China reveals alien existence

A meeting took place, hosted by a non-profit organization known as Citizen Hearing. Shi-Li Sun spoke who is a highly regarded researcher and the president of the Chinese UFO Federation. He gives some details about UFOs and aliens mentioning the reality about them.

What Shi-Li Sun spoke about, was that the UFO phenomenon dates back many tens of thousands of years. It was during a time, when ancient China was just transforming its culture and beliefs. He mentions how otherworldly visitors have impacted our planet and forever changed society.

Shi Li Sun aliens and UFOs exist

Later, many of these alien visitors would return at later dates—to check upon people and our planets progression. With Chinese culture comes a great understanding, the people have previously believed that these aliens that visited were personified as different deities.

They would converge into one single cosmic beast known as the Dragon. Many of the carvings found in ancient ruins depicting aliens and UFOs are actual proof of previous alien visitation.

With the Chinese culture, they consider themselves that of Dragon ancestors. The Dragon is represented as being from outer space. This means that people didn’t originate from Earth but from somewhere else in time and space. All of this is quite a bit to think about and will change the world forever.

Shi-Li said:

“Certainly, after years of research, a large number of Chinese UFO scholars, including myself, are convinced of the authenticity of UFO, the existence of UFOs and aliens…So, we believe in the existence of UFOs, we believe in the existence of aliens and extraterrestrials.”


(Source: Planet Sci Tech)

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