Hunter get’s deer stolen by Bigfoot in Hobart Bay, Alaska

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Hunter get’s deer stolen by Bigfoot in Hobart Bay, Alaska

There have been many encounters reported about Bigfoot over the years, however this one is kind of different. A hunter was out one day on his typical deer hunting expedition located in Hobart Bay, Alaska. This hunter is familiar with the territory, as they have previously wandered through this part of back country.

The hunter is originally from Oregon, Salem. Most of their life, they have been an avid big game hunter and outdoors man. This day was typically no different than any other—until things took a turn for the different for them. What they witnessed, would forever change their life, in ways they never thought about before.

This hunter who wishes to remain anonymous, also happens to own a business. Typically, he goes out to hunt and fish. Some of the animals he has previously hunted include elk, bear, cougar, and pronghorn in the eastern part of Oregon.

They have hunted across different areas of the United States, however Alaska was their next destination. Alaska is known for its Sitka blacktail deer (Odocoileus hemionus sitkensis) which inhabits the area. These animals weigh in between 80 and 120 pounds. So, they are a fairly large sized animal. Sitka deer inhabit the coastal rain forests of northern British Columbia, Canada and in the southeastern part of Alaska.

To his surprise, after killing this deer in the wilderness with his bow—he had his back turned to it for a short while. When he turned around, he looked over and noticed something standing upright. It was roughly about 50-60 yards away from where he was.

Bigfoot Alaska

It was something incredible, this was a Bigfoot, which was wandering off with his deer corpse. Quite typically, bow hunters have to be far stealthier to get closer to their prey. Imagine his surprise when he turned around to see this large Sasquatch (Bigfoot) beast eyeing back at him—as it wandered off with his fresh kill.

Hobart Bay, Alaska

(Photo by:  Christopher Michel of Hobart Bay, Alaska)

The Hobart Bay area, is fairly small and this hunter along with their friend would hunt about 10 miles southeast where many bears frequent the area. Being out with nature is always a challenge and presents elements of danger. This time was no exception and he was flabbergasted at what he had witnessed this time. Both he and his friend often come prepared with large caliber handguns and bear spray.

What they didn’t know this time, is that Bigfoot spray might have been needed as well. This hunter never was convinced that Bigfoot ever existed—but after locking eyes with one, they will never forget the experience. What felt like minutes, in actuality only lasted between 35-40 seconds with the Bigfoot encounter. When you are frozen with confusion and fear time simply gets lost.

One can only imagine if the Bigfoot was going to eat the deer or was simply saddened by its death.

(Source: Pacwest Bigfoot)

Bigfoot with baby captured on video in wilderness
Sasquatch spotted and recorded by Todd Standing

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