Man unveils massive Bigfoot head on video

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Remarkably, a man unveiled what appears to be a Bigfoot head on camera. His name is Peter Caine and by trade he is a dog trainer. His story and evidence may well be the best seen yet proving that Bigfoot is real and not some hoax after all this time.

Back in the year 1953, Peter said that his father killed a Bigfoot while out in the wilderness. Since then, the body of the Bigfoot, was dismembered into pieces and has since remained frozen inside of a commercial sized freezer for many years.

Peter Caine Bigfoot head

On his YouTube channel, he has joked around before but states that this is no joke. It is real and proves the existence of the alleged Sasquatch, who have roamed the lands for years, perhaps before mankind took their very first step forward. For Bigfoot hunters and enthusiasts, this truly is an astonishing discovery, that has been made if proven to be the real deal.

Peter Caine Bigfoot head on table

Previously, Peter has unveiled other pieces of this Bigfoot to viewers. Some of these videos, seem to be his brand of comedy. It is difficult to tell whether or not this is some kind of real evidence that has been discovered. As the year comes to a close, Peter was insistent upon unveiling Bigfoot’s head.

As with many things such as this, people often remain skeptical. The frozen head appears to be hairy and rather gruesome by sight seen. The head is estimated to weight around 120 pounds according to Peter.

Bigfoot head 2017

Some think that this is a buffalo head, that has been frozen and “doctored” with. Seen in the video is the large Bigfoot head covered with ice and leaves. It almost looked as if it was smiling as well. Peter goes on to poke around the head with his fingers, trying to provide evidence that this is legit.

What Peter plans to do next with this head, is to put it on display at a museum he plans to construct one day. Until this happens, Peter said he will gather all the pieces of the Bigfoot together and make a video, showing how the alleged Bigfoot will look like.

Many are curious to what this Bigfoot will look like after being pieced back together again. No official DNA testing or other conclusive evidence has been presented yet. Perhaps someone else can help verify his presentation from expert analysis.

Peter wanted it to be known, that he does joke around, but this no joke it is real. No doubt this is difficult to believe, but there is much we don’t understand in our world still. Peter insists that his father Mike Caine shot and killed this Sasquatch with his friend Morty Lucas, while they were both on a hunting trip. Over the years, it has been kept frozen and he now wants people to know the truth of things.

(Source: Coast to Coast)

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