Alien human-hybrid hand seen during NASA video

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A promotional video was released showing inside SOFIA NASA’s 747 fully equipped flying telescope. What is seen during a portion of the video, is rather intriguing. Someone or something is there controlling one of the workstations see on the far right side of the screen.

Alien hand SOFIA NASA's 747

They have unusually long protruding finger limbs, unlike anything seen of a typical human being. Watching the video normally, it is difficult to spot. However, MrMBB333 on YouTube, makes comments about this—unraveling some of the mystery as he gives his commentary about it.

Alien hand at SOFIA NASA's 747

Carefully looking at the far right of the screen, you can see one of the station staff and her rather unusually long fingers and thumb. Is she in fact, partially in human form or using technology to appear as one? Her other (left) hand appears to be underneath the desk making it difficult to see. With the right hand it definitely looks non-human.

With this newfound evidence, does this first mean that aliens do actually exist? And secondly, have they been working with NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) all along?

Perhaps some sort of secret government program has been established and continues to excel with the assistance of alien technology. If these aliens have been here with us helping, we can only assume they are friendly towards us. That is unless there is another ulterior motive behind what they are doing.

Alien hand spotted inside SOFIA NASA's 747

Displayed on the screen in the video is: “Researchers want to understand the hazardous environment created by rings or other debris that may orbit MU69.”

Back on June 26, of 2014 with the assistance of the Hubble Space Telescope the MU69 was found. It normally cannot be seen with other telescopes. However, with the Hubble Telescope, it displayed this discovery with a magnitude of nearly 27.

There was an overlay of 5 different images, recorded by the Hubble Space Telescope Wide Field Camera number 3. Each of these images were all taken 10-minutes a part. There were 5 different images which can be seen with green circles.

Hubble Space Telescope Wide Field Camera 3

The MU69 is the target for the New Horizons probe (a flyby mission) to be initiated on January 1, 2019. This will happen with its Pluto flyby route in place. The Hubble Space Telescope is a very precise instrument used for astrometry and able to determine orbiting accurately.

Alien hand comparison

The alien hand seen is quite bizarre. Both the fingers and the thumbs protrude far beyond anything seen. The only argument here is, this girl has some sort of birth defect. While this is possible, it just appears to be far too strange.

This more than likely isn’t a human hand but something else entirely. Many have been left baffled by this. A number of conspiracy theorists believe that this hand isn’t in fact human after all. Perhaps this girl is some sort of alien-human hybrid, introduced as part of a specialized government program.

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