Fish With Human-Like Face Has People Freaked Out

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A woman from China managed to capture a fish that looks human-like from the front of its head. Many are wondering if this is some kind of sign from above. The woman who managed to record this phenomenon can be heard saying, “The fish has turned into a fairy.”

Chinese carp fish human face

Those on China’s Weibo social media site, were left with many reactions about this. Mostly, people are amazed and fascinated by this unique Carp fish. Someone said, “This is scary.” Another commented “Who dares eat it?”

The fish seemingly has two black dots which resembles two eyes. There are also several vertical stripes that look like the sides of a nose. Even further are several lines that appear to be like a mouth. This gives the fish an interesting look for sure.

Another unusual fish was discovered in Wugang City, located in Hunan province of central China back in 2016. Fish like these don’t come around very often and it is an unusual anomaly.  

The carp fish was recorded by a primary school teacher named Qiu Xiaohua. She said she had never seen anything like this before in all of her 20 years fishing. The fish has been spared and is being kept inside someone’s home for now. 

In China, collectors sometimes pay quite a bit of money for such a specimen. If the fish is ever sold, it would likely make that person wealthier. Back in the year 2010, another carp had a “human-like face” and fetched upwards of $44,000 dollars. That fish was discovered by Essex butcher Brendan O’Sullivan. 

When people discover such rare things, they quickly become a thing of interest. Many people are into fish keeping and having something like this is quite out of the ordinary. 

The human faced fish has become popular online, as it continues to stir up buzz on social media sites. 

(Source: The Sun)

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