NASA Camera Captures Green Extraterrestrial On Mars

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While it appears to resemble that of a smaller sized lizard, it also seems to have the head of a typical grey alien also referred to as the Zeta Reticulans. It’s body color has been recorded as being green. The Mars anomaly seems to not have any kind of hair and large dark eyes.

Mars alien recorded on camera

If this isn’t some sort of CGI attempt to get attention, then it is the most remarkable discovery in modern history. Many have speculated that there is life on Mars.

Perhaps a species does exist upon the planet. This most unusual looking NASA Mars image was recorded in an area known as Yellowknife Bay, which is located at the Gale crater section of the planet. 

These gigapan type images are often far more clear, than the original NASA images. The seen image in question was from the Sol 184: Mast Camera (Mastcam). When people looked more carefully, they then noticed what resembled a reptile looking extraterrestrial. 

Previously, there has been evidence that Mars is inhabited by an animal type species. Comparably, they may have resembled life on Earth from the prehistoric time period. Perhaps even, they possess characteristics of several or more species blended together from long ago.

If this is real, then it further provides proof of life beyond what we know on Earth. Mars is a mysterious place yet equally as fascinating. It is possible that intelligent life forms may actually exist upon the very surface of Mars. 

While speculations have only been contemplated about alien reptilians on Earth, this might be the cornerstone proof of this entire theory. Perhaps alien reptilians live among humans after all. 

Quite possibly, they already existed before humans ever did. Some think they control our very world through influence and power within our governments. These positions of power have changed mankind’s very destiny. Maybe the veil is slowly being lifted, as more things come to pass.

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