Alien Reptilian Woman Faces Murder Charges After Shooting Her Boyfriend

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It happened when a couple from Pennsylvania left a cult-like group. The leader of this cult believed she is the granddaughter of King David. Deemed as the “Daughter of the Most High” she antagonized her followers and influenced their very thoughts.

Because of this influence, several days later…a 43 year old woman named Barbara H. Rogers shot her 32 year old boyfriend Steven Mineo in the head. She insists that he wanted her to shoot him. The entire thing was like a script from a cult horror movie. Self proclaimed prophet Sherry Shriner, attacked the couple for leaving the group, according to Rogers who was overwhelmed with stress.

A conspiracy of sorts, has taken place between these people. Shriner believes that the government, along with the New World Order and NATO are working together to end the world. The belief is, aliens and high up elites are controlling things from afar. Steven Mineo went on to say that his girlfriend Barbara is a “Vampire Witch Reptilian Super Soldier”.

Sherry Shriner said, she witnessed Barbara’s reptilian eyes and teeth which can be seen in her pictures. She said that Barbara had become possessed and had superhuman strength. When this demon actually manifested within her, no real human could ever match this kind of supernatural strength.

“Rogers reportedly told police that Mineo was upset with members of Shriner’s following, and had asked to be killed. She also told police that Mineo said Shriner was ‘reptilian’ and pretending to be human, according to a police affidavit obtained by the Associated Press.”

Barbara Rogers alien reptilian arrest

According to Barbara, she didn’t know the gun was loaded it was an accident, but the prosecution says it was murder. Possibly, Rodgers could have avoided killing Mineo but he was struck by a bullet a close range. The gun was aimed directly against his head, according to court records. From what is understood, Rogers has declined a plea deal from the judge to accept third-degree murder charges instead.

All of this escalated dating back to April 2017. At first Shriner first noticed a Facebook post by Rogers. The post disclosed details about Barbara having cravings for raw meat and steak tartare. Both Shriner and her followers noticed this and claimed that Barbara is not human but something else instead. Speculations were she is some kind of reptilian alien.

“This is the best thing ever with cut up minced garlic,” Rogers wrote. “I just crave raw meat all the time for some reason. I know some are grossed out by it. But it’s a delicacy for me.”

Reptiles are known to crave meat and this only further fuels speculation about what Barbara could be. The entire incident is a strange one. It makes one wonder who is telling the truth and who is not. This case is quite insane really by most people’s beliefs.

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