Haunted harpy in the Sallie House

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There have been a number of reported encounters of these foul creatures which savagely ravage people by their claws, they are angry women. It is believed they originated in Greek mythology and are known as harpies. A harpy is part woman and part bird. There is a story which had happened at a place refereed to as the Sallie house located in Atchison, Kansas. The physical attacks which happened seem to resemble a claw scratch by of these creatures, only this time it was a haunted harpy.


This strange home built in 1872, has quite a haunted history dating back to 1906, when according to a legend, the first haunting began. A doctor deemed a young girl age six to be sick with a severe stomach ache. This same doctor later discovered she was suffering from appendicitis. As the surgery was being preformed to help her, the young restless girl kept moving, this kept the doctor from being able to help her and she then died on the operating table.

The grave of Sallie

Her cursed soul was doomed to torment those who crossed her domain. As time continued to pass by, more spirits seemingly followed her there at the same home. These rather demonic evil spirits seemed to ward off anyone who got near her. They acted like her own personal body guards, it seems any males who lived at the home were in immediate danger.

Small Sallie’s spirit remained at this home her entire existence, trapped between worlds. The sinister spirits who protect Sallie are quite violent. Animals seem to react to this home giving strange looks, for example dogs barking at unseen presences. Everyone who has stayed at this home has experienced some form or another of a paranormal experience. Everything from objects being turned upside down to being misplaced or vanishing entirely.


Fast forwarding to a more modern time, investigations into this home continued further, a television series titled “Sightings” captured the Pickman family who lived there with their son who was just a baby at the time. They documented physical evidence of Mr. Pickman (Tony) being attacked live on camera, a flower was also seen at the start on camera and as the interview continued with Tony’s wife Debra, the flower appeared to be burnt to a crisp. A number of psychics have tried to communicate with the restless spirits. These people were there trying to help in some way only to flee in terror.


Full-bodied apparitions have been seen by Tony who was terrorized and traumatized by Sallie and her protectors. More claw marks have been documented on his body (3 cut marks like from a claw) and more random items have been thrown around rooms. (including his bed violently shaking) A reenactment of this encounter can be seen on a television series titled: “Paranormal Witness” which aired on the SyFy channel. This is from season 3 episode 18.
It seems these spirits are determined to stop at nothing, eventually many left for safer pastures. The official Sallie house website can be found HERE.

Tony and Debra Pickman

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