Late CEO Dies Proclaiming We All Live In The Matrix

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She was beloved by her peers and was a real go getter. Erin Valenti was found dead inside her vehicle near a residential neighborhood located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Before this, she was reported to be missing. 

In Erin’s own words, she stated that intelligent machines are keeping humans immersed in a simulated reality, unbeknownst to them. Here is where things get interesting, she never used any drugs and she didn’t drink alcohol that people knew of. 

Erin Valenti we all live in Matrix

However, she allegedly had mental disorders but nobody has come forward with what she struggled with. Her husband even said Erin did not suffer from any kind of mental illness that he knew of.

Her mother, Whitey Valenti, described her daughter as an intense and bright young woman, who graduated with the highest degree at Georgetown University with a degree in business administration before entering the world of private companies.  

Erin Valenti was the founder and executive director of Tinker Ventures, an application design and development company, where she managed a global team of 120 employees at its Salt Lake City and Pakistan offices. 

Before founding Tinker, she was Director of Product Development at, where she supervised a team of 250 engineers. Erin, who lived in Salt Lake City with her husband, was also an excellent climber and skier.

Some are thinking that her death was part of a cover up of sorts, to dismiss what she was saying. Perhaps Erin stumbled onto something greater and was eliminated because of it. The story surrounding her since her death has turned into a conspiracy of sorts. 

One day, Erin called her parents and explained to them that everyone is living inside a simulated reality of sorts. The scenario is similar to The Matrix films. Erin further explained that this is not a game and humanity is at risk. 

At first, her parents thought she was joking, until she then disappeared. After ward, volunteers along with the police began to look for her. The phone call lasted for several hours with her parents.

After Erin’s family was informed they found her in Almaden (a residential neighborhood south of San Jose, California) they learned she vanished back on Monday, September 30th during the evening from the airport. 

Erin’s flight was scheduled to leave from the San Jose International Airport. Police did not submit a missing persons report until Thursday but she was reported missing since Monday. Authorities described the initial report as voluntarily missing.

Police looked for a while, before finding her lifeless body inside a vehicle parked along the 6500 block of Bose Lane, just half a kilometer from Valenti’s last known location. The San José Fire Department responded to a health call at 3:56 p.m. local time.

Erin was only 33 years old. She said, “Everything is a game, a mental experiment and that we are in the Matrix.”

For whatever reason, maybe CEO’s are being targeted. Erin isn’t the only to die mysteriously like this. Tushar Arte died at age 50 and was the CEO of a web design company known as AtreNet first founded in Santa Cruz, California on October 1st. He also was found dead next to his vehicle hours after reportedly being kidnapped from his home during a robbery report.

It is unknown why these two were targeted, but they both held a prominent position in their companies.  

(Source: Infinity Explorers)

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