People Are Now Living On Top Of The Ocean As “Seasteaders”

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A rather strange and bizarre phenomenon is starting to happen. Many folks are simply fed up with the way things are. So, they have elected to live in an entirely new way. Some have decided to even take things out to sea literally. Known as a “seastead” these homes will be produced and pioneered by only the bravest of them all. 

Seastead by Ocean Builders

One company known as Ocean Builders is one of the first to incorporate a life out among st the ocean. Typically, the average self-build home costs around 25% less than a home that already exists on land. Perhaps the prices will drop even further, as technology and new innovations begin to happen with having a home on the ocean. 

Ocean Builders has several goals, the first of them being to give people another option in life. They are keeping the prices as close as possible, to the average US family home. The very first 20 homes sold will be provided at cost. So far, one prototype home has been constructed and lived in by one couple. 

Both Chad Elwartowski and Supranee Thepdet are the first to actually live inside one of these seastead type homes. The pair are even hoping that others will join them as pioneers where they now call home. 

The first location was chosen where there are low waves, no hurricanes/typhoons, low crime and a friendly host nation. Those folks who are interested, will likely be instrumental in setting the standards of seasteading and its culture. Perhaps this movement will actually catch on as more people join Chad and Supranee in the future.

There are many questions about seasteading and what it entails. Questions about poop and where does it go is often one of the top questions. The answer is simple, out at sea or by the use of composting toilets where people can fertilize their own crops to grow. 

When it comes to garbage, the couple takes their trash to shore and drop it off to be properly disposed of. Power is an issue as well. Typically, solar power is used and readily available. Remember, water reflects light and being on top of the ocean water is ideal minus thunderstorm activity. 

So far, there are 181 people interested in this new type of living environment. The homes range in price from owning a share of a Ocean Builder home at ($5,000 dollars) to a more elite larger living place at $150,000 dollars. 

“Ocean Builders is not responsible for the location you choose to place your Ocean Builder home but we encourage you to not locate in an area where piracy or theft is prevalent. Piracy is merely theft on the ocean, almost every place in the world has theft and it will be up to you to decide how to protect your home from theft.

Ocean Builders does plan on trying to locate possible sites that will provide the lowest waves, low crime and a friendly host nation to build our first homes. It is encouraged that people choose these locations initially.”

Movements are taking place everywhere. On land, many have downsized and are living in tiny homes or mobile homes altogether.

Maybe living out on the water, will be the next step for humanity especially if things continue to disrupt with society. After all, the world is mostly water. On January 9, 2019 the world’s first seastead is now in the water off the coast of Phuket, Thailand.

(Source: Ocean Builders)

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