Park Rangers Encounter Ghost In The Woods

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While two park rangers were out on a search and rescue call, they were looking for a missing person in their 20’s. This young man, apparently went hiking out in the woods and never returned. The call for this search, came in late in the evening and two rangers went out on patrol.

The rangers decided to set up a campsite and wait it out until morning, so they could see things better. They had a good perspective of the area from their viewpoint, as they were now camping atop a ridge that overlooked the valley area of the forest.

Park rangers find Ghost in the woods

From what they understood, this young man was prepared pretty well. So, the rangers elected to let the night pass, before continuing their search for him. At around 2:00 AM, one of the rangers went in the woods to use the bathroom. It was then when he noticed what looked like a flashlight beam shining through the trees. The other ranger along with him, both decided to hold off their search during the night until daybreak.

When the next morning comes around, the rangers head out to scout the area and start looking for the missing hiker. When they get to an area where they noticed the light during the night, they began to call out the hikers name. They were shocked to see the body of this man laying at the base of a cliff. It appeared as if he had fallen around 60 feet, striking his head on the rocks below. His body was also badly mangled. The rangers changed their radio call back to base from being a “recovery” instead of a “rescue.”

One of the rangers yells out to the other after noticing the flashlight he was carrying. It was a mag-lite type light and it resembled the same kind of light, one of the rangers had seen from the night before. Both rangers were creep ed out of the discovery of this. At first they dismissed it.

After the coroner arrived, he closer inspected the body. His conclusion later back at the lab was this man had been dead for at least 48 hours before they had found the body. Both of the rangers looked at one another in disbelief.

This couldn’t be possible could it? The only conclusion they could reach was, the man’s ghost was wandering around in the woods that night. Otherwise, there was no real explanation, unless someone may have murdered him. However, if they did…it was made to look like an accident and nobody else around noticed them.

Both rangers said another search and rescue person, was stationed back at the beginning of the trail. All during the night, they never noticed anyone coming or going. Their hearts dropped, after realizing the inevitable. To this day, it still freaks them out just thinking about it. Did they really see the ghost of this man?

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