Australians Are Freezing Their Brains

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Weirdness is happening in ‘the land down under’. Australia has an estimated population of around 24.77 million people. Among these people, a few were selected to cryogenic ally have their brains frozen. One case in particular gained attention, after Philip Rhoades’ parents died within 10 days of one another, there were questions remaining of what would be done with their neurological remains.

Gerald and Dorothy Rhoades

Both of his parents were scientists, their brains were kept on ice immediately after they died. The future hope is, that their brain tissue will survive and be awakened later. This will allow them to live in a virtual reality type existence.

Ultimately, their brains would be put on ice and tucked away at the Neural Archives Foundation. This project in particular, consists of nine different scientific brains, that were chosen to be preserved.

Think of this, as a way to keep their brains alive enough – to be reanimated later, when technology catches up. For now, they will be placed in a time capsule of sorts. Places like this do exist around the world (in specific locations) such as Russia and The United States.

brain freeze

These selected brains, will be a part of a historical repository of sorts. For now, cryonics companies have been largely confined to where they can be built and how many people that will be housed.

“When you freeze a brain, it’s basically just human tissue and you can use any commercial cryogenic storage facility,” Philip Rhoades’ said.

Our minds are a mystery, we only use a small portion of them. Humanity has no idea yet how consciousness works, yet when science catches up…this will likely be feasible.

Mr Rhoades Cryonics Association of Australasia

A better understanding of how our minds store and process things, will perhaps be decoded within the next decade according to Rhoades’. Mr. Rhoades, is the executive officer of the Cryonics Association of Australasia (CAA), a non-profit advocacy organisation that was started in the 1980s to promote the concept of cryonics.

According to, there is a company that has been buying up large lots of land located in the remote NSW town of Holbrook. Their intention is, to open up a brand new facility offering post-mortem services to Australians as early as next year.

Mr. Rhoades also has bought land located in Cowra. His intention is to one day open up a “family cryonics facility”. Obviously, the cost to operate a facility such as this is astronomical. More funding from outside sources will be needed and perhaps one day he will make his dream come true.

Kim Suozzi brain frozen

Aside from a number of celebrities, there are others who have been placed in cryogenic type chambers with the hope to be revived one day. Among them is Kim Souzzi, a 23-year-old woman from Arizona, who died from a cancer back in 2013. She reached her crowdfunding goal of $80,000 dollars to have her head preserved in ice sort of speak. She used the social media site Reddit, to reach out for help. This is a link to her post on Reddit.

Who knows where the future will take us but with all the advancements, one day this might be more of a common thing and may inevitably work.


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