Pot Sasquatch captured on camera in Massachusetts

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News reporter channel 22

While a reporter from Springfield, Massachusetts was broadcasting on the channel 22 storm team newscast, they were photo bombed by a mini Bigfoot. This time around, it was that of a “Pot Sasquatch”. This foolish fiend, decided to slip past the cameras.

Maybe it was on its way to a warm meal, past the local diner. This day, the snow came down quickly and the plows could barely keep up with downfall of snow—coming down from everywhere. It set things up for a rather interesting backdrop display captured on camera.

News reporter channel 22 Sasquatch

The city of Springfield has a population of around 154,000 people. Springfield’s local news station, WWLP, were out filming their local news report yesterday on February 10th, 2017 when this Pot Sasquatch was discovered quickly by their camera lens. People no doubt think this is fake—but one can only guess otherwise. Since this sighting was broadcast, it has taken the internet by storm.

Perhaps this Pot Sasquatch was simply bored and wanted a closer look at humans living here. It seems it may be an adolescent aged Bigfoot that was out for a stroll. Incredibly, the news reporter kept her cool while trying to stay warm to the situation around her. After seeing this unusual creature tracking through the snow, she now has another story to tell altogether.

Pot Sasquatch captured on camera in Springfield

This rather odd mini Bigfoot has caught the attention of many and has since gone viral to some extent through social media. On Twitter, people documented the newfound existence of this marijuana-themed Bigfoot. It is unlike anything ever seen before in the Bigfoot community. Perhaps this is a new species of Bigfoot creatures who inhabit this region.

Apparently this little Sasquatch was swift enough, as it got away past those who remained on the streets of Springfield and the New England area. Many believe this was nothing more than some kid trolling the local news media, however it has sparked some interest by the Bigfoot community of experts, as they continue to study this footage.

If this turns out to be legit, then it will be the greatest evidence of Bigfoot ever captured on camera in history. To date, the Patterson–Gimlin film, remains one if not the most controversial Bigfoot sightings ever captured on camera. Many people dedicate a lot of time trying to hunt these fabled creatures. One day, more evidence will come to pass about these natural guardians of nature and what they are doing here.

Sasquatch spotted and recorded by Todd Standing
Sasquatch family photo taken in Arizona

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