Two men spot a pair of Sasquatch

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Several men went on an expedition and what they found was something spectacular. The sighting happened in Guilford County, North Carolina January of this year. The area has a pretty healthy population of around 500,000 people. However, where these men spotted these Sasquatch is a much smaller area with around 4,000 people who call this place home.

These two guys aren’t your typical woodsmen they were on a mission to find something and they followed clues to rumored areas where they might see something. One of the men is Alan Coleman he is 44 years old and now retired. Him and his buddy were out searching for hunting locations when they stumbled onto these Bigfoot creatures wandering by.

While s cowering the area they were looking for a good spot to hunt for the upcoming deer season. Perhaps the hunters have become the hunted. Often portrayed in different stories the Bigfoot have been devout protectors of the woodlands. It was around 3:30 PM and they men decided to follow a creek bed looking for further clues. Around half an hour later they took a few moments to rest.


Knowing this area is frequented by deer they took about 5 minutes to rest after tracking through the woods. What the found was a game trail when they heard a loud noise piercing through the rustle of leaves and broken branches in the forest. The noises kept getting louder.

When the crouched down by a nearby creek an unsettling amount of silence began to freak out the men. Both of them seemed quite afraid. They admitted their hearts were pounding in their chests and their bodies were trembling all over. At first one of the Bigfoot wandered to meet one man who was crouching by the creek. The men were awestruck and sat there waiting for the strange beasts to leave. There were two of them. Alan explained that one was bigger than the other when it stood upright.


Both of these Bigfoot beasts had to weight at least 400 pounds or more. They were at least 8 feet tall and had brown shaggy hair of their bodies. Both of them had large arms and legs and were muscular and fat. They didn’t make too much noise or didn’t growl at the men either. Both of them had broad shaped shoulders and walked slightly hunched over.

These things are believed to be Sasquatch who wander through remote areas such as this. Surely a casting had to be taken which was left behind to see their feet. However, no photographic evidence was take either. Alan mentioned that these things could have quite easily killed him and his friend from their great physical strength. This time around they were rather lucky.

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