Bizarre “Owl-Man” Seen In Northeastern Kansas

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While one person was out and about with their band-mates from school (in northeastern Kansas) they admitted to seeing something rather unusual one day.

This happened several years ago, while they were up against another college school for sports. It is assumed that they play with an alternative type band.

As they were driving back home to Kansas City, they elected to take an alternate route back. His band-mates went with them and they proceeded to drive down an undisclosed southern route to return to the interstate highway.

They came across what resembled a cornfield of some sort. They didn’t say exactly where they were on the map. But for sure it was within the northeastern part of Kansas.

The field seemed to stretch along the highway for several miles. As they band was driving down the road, he explained that he was driving while the bassist was in the passenger seat. The singer was in the back on his cell phone. 

The bassist glanced over left to notice what appeared to be an enlarged type figure. Their estimation was it was at least between 7 to 8 feet tall. All of a sudden it began to dart towards them coming from the left and out from the cornfield. The vehicle headlights then revealed more details of this figure. 

The best way to describe this thing, was it being like the alien creature seen retreating into a cornfield from the M. Night Shyamalan movie “Signs” starring Mel Gibson. It moved like that alien figure comparably. The creature appeared to turn immediately after it was noticed.

Owl Man

While looking upon this bizarre figure, the best way to describe it was it being much like an owl. It appeared to have feathers and was fairly big. It makes one wonder whether or not this was some kind of prank like someone dressed in a costume. It was so very odd and random to say the least.

The band looked at one another and yelled out, “DID YOU JUST SEE THAT?!” as they passed by. When it happened, they didn’t want to investigate further because it was late at night and they wanted to get back home. Likely all of them were frightened by what they had seen as well.

This isn’t the first time someone witnessed a large sized owl like this. It is unusual and can lead to much speculation about it. The person commented about this saying, 

“I’m fully ready and willing to admit we may have seen something totally plausible, including the fact that my memory may not be as accurate as I remember it being, or that we may have just misidentified a regular human being somehow, but I just thought I’d ask in case there was any such folklore of a feathered humanoid creature in the area.”

They also commented saying they hadn’t been drinking or were high that evening and didn’t think anyone else was either. Who knows what it might have been. Curiously, it could have been some kind of scarecrow revealed by the wind, but they stand by what they had seen.

(Source: Reddit)

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