Creepy video of masked girl freaks people out

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Seen in this disturbingly creepy video, appears to be a woman dressed in white. She or perhaps he, seems to be provoking those watching as they wander closer towards the camera. The video on YouTube, is simply titled “My Sister”. It is unknown what this is referring to. Could it be, that this is some kind of reference to an alternate personality?

Creepy masked girl video

The video is provoking viewers all the way until the end, when the identity of this person is never actually revealed. It is eerie to see and has a rather ominously serial killer vibe to it. The intention of this however, may be far more innocent than intended.

Apparently, this version isn’t the original video. There is another without music added in. Someone mentioned that the original comes across more creepy. Some references to this video, are simply known as the girl in the white dress wearing a mask. This version appears to have been uploaded back in the year 2011. The original might be even older.

Creepy masked girl

Whatever the reason was for this video, has people wondering what the purpose of this was. Is this person trying to convey their sexual identity? Or, perhaps they were trying to perceive themselves as being beautiful or not. There are a number of people, who suffer from different disorders. One of these disorders is Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD).

People who suffer from something such as this, can spend hours on end trying to fix themselves. They constantly compare themselves to others appearance and don’t accept them self as they are.

Plastic surgery, excessive exercise and other enhancements such as makeup are commonly used. To date, there is no known cure for this disorder. However, different treatments include counseling and the use of antidepressant medications. People behave awkwardly in public around others and may have other social anxiety disorders as well. Most of the time, they avoid social situations of any kind.

One person, who has seen the original video said they are an artist. Whether or not this is true is unknown. However, they create the masks they wear them self. It is quite unusual, yet creative in some way. The person perhaps is simply trying to express themselves, through wearing each of these masks. While wearing one outfit seen, they appear to be pregnant as they make a statement about it rubbing their belly. Later, they are seen eating with a mask on.

Creepy masked girl eating video

Art can certainly manifest into many different forms. Maybe in actuality, this is just an artistic expression of some kind. Regardless, this video still leaves people scratching their heads. Maybe someone out there, knows more about this bizarre video.

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