Bizarre mermaid mannequin found alongside beach

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An odd video has been circulating around the internet. This video was taken on a slightly windy day, along the shore of an unknown beach. Seen laying in the sand, appears to be a humanoid looking sea creature on display. It appears to be a withered mythological mermaid.

Bizarre mermaid mannequin found alongside beach

This half-fish/half-human entity, has been a part of many tales of wonder for many years. Numerous stories about mermaids, have made their way into movies, books and television series.

This alleged mermaid, appears to be fake, yet it is a fascinating interpretation of the fabled sea species, even having long hair. It is quite strange that whoever originally filmed this, didn’t make any comments. They were way too casual about it.

Mermaid mannequin found alongside beach

Tales of mermen and mermaids living in the oceans below, have also made their way into further stories of yesteryear. In Greek mythology, mermen and some mermaids were portrayed as having green seaweed-like hair.

Sometimes mermaids and sirens would be depicted, wielding that of a trident. It was believed that they used these to hunt with and to defend themselves. Some of the mermen, were also painted as having long beards. Their beards, sometimes would be a green or brownish type of color.

Mermaid mannequin tail found alongside beach

The mermen were described as being quite unpleasant by appearance, having large teeth, weathered skin and scales, along with narrow eyes and a red nose. However, the mermaids and sirens, would capture the hearts of many seamen…sometimes luring them to an untimely demise.

Being a legendary aquatic creature, mermaids were regarded as something sacred. Comparable, to unicorns or a Pegasus, mermaids were quite rarely seen, yet believed to have existed long ago upon the earth. Some people think, all of these creatures still do exist or desperately want them to.

To date, no real conclusive evidence has been presented to show the existence of mermaids. That being mentioned, nobody can say 100% that they do not exist either. The sea is deep and with it, are many secrets which mankind still doesn’t know about yet.

It is believed that Earth is composed of 71% water. That is a lot of territory to cover or perhaps hide in. With newfound technologies, perhaps one day a mermaid may actually be discovered. Interestingly enough, an old map depicts mermen, unicorns and lizard-men dating back to 1587 which can be found here.

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